FRISKY Family: Spread the Love

Lauren Krieger

Let’s show support: Peace, Love, Cure

One of the most special parts of the underground music community is the energy that we all share from around the world. Together we experience the heights and depths in music that are ultimately reflected through our lives, and together we unite to spread the love that underlies it all. Today we’d like to ask you to help not only one of your friends in the underground electronic music community, but a member of the FRISKY Family. Miss Disk has been sharing her deep tech vibes with us for over 7 years, giving us a part of herself through the music. Paradigm is always a unique and distinctive experience, but there is an extra power in her May episode: dedicated to her boyfriend Helly Larson (whose beautiful tracks open and close the set) who has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Miss Disk shares her love and inspires us to help them spend more time together.

By donating to his cause you can make a difference.

Please share your words, energy, and love to them too.

Thank you FRISKY Family.