FRISKY celebrates International Women’s Day with X-Chrome Special

Lauren Krieger

TLDR: Female DJs take over the airwaves with day-long special X-Chrome broadcast

Female DJs are consistently making an impact on FRISKY, with rotating guests on X-Chrome and multiple resident DJs that cover a wide range of shows. From the minimal techno sound of Sylvie, deep tech of Nadja Lind, the chill grooves of Djhana and Cool Carla, to the tech house of Apsara, the deep house of Miss Nine and Miss Disk, and driving tech filled progressive of Riley Warren and Bee, to rocking progressive and house of N-Tchbl and FeMMes on DecKs, there is always a female hosted show that can fit your style. X-Chrome provides a continuous and creative variety as well. As the landing ground for a long list of exceptional female DJs to broadcast their unique perspectives on electronic music, featured guests have included Tara Brooks, Eva Salgado “Evva”, SoulSista, Lorraine Contreras, Nephra, Shiva, Deanna Avra, and many, many more.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, FRISKY is taking X-Chrome to the max, dedicating an entire day full of 17 fresh mixes from female resident and guest DJs. Since 1909, International Women’s Day has been acknowledged in a variety of ways, ranging from a general celebration of respect, appreciation, and love towards women to a celebration of women’s economic, political, and social achievements. On International Women’s Day Eve, Saturday March 7th, FRISKY will be celebrating an appreciation for, and the accomplishments of, women in electronic music. Featuring a full day of female DJs rocking the airwaves, the X-Chrome Special will cover a wide range of underground styles, showcasing the unique talents and skills that women can bring to this niche of the music industry. We’ve discussed the unique positions of female DJs in the electronic music world in our Round Table Discussion, now we’ll let their music speak for itself. This is going to be a fun one! Tune in on Saturday March 7th starting at 7AM EST [convert timezone] and keep it locked all day!

Featuring special mixes by:
Miss Nine
Laura Seh
Riley Warren
Bahar Canca
Nadja Lind
Miss Disk
Eva Salgado “Evva”
Deanna Avra
Cool Carla

Don’t miss out as the women take over the FRISKY airwaves Saturday March 7th!:

Tune In: X-Chrome Special