FRISKY Artist of the Week Spotlight :: Quivver


We’re starting something new for 2012. Hoping to bring you closer to the artists that we feature as our Artist of the Week, we will accompany the exclusive artist mix with a short interview, called Spotlight. And we’re starting with international mega rock star DJ Quivver! We at FRISKY have been a fan of his ever since his Transport 5 mix album back in 2001 and its a pleasure to feature him with our first ever FRISKY Artist of the Week Spotlight.

FRISKY: Why “Quivver”? How did you come up with the moniker?
QUIVVER: No big story really, we needed a band name – there was 2 of us originally, myself and Neil Barry (we split after the 2nd single). We wanted to call ourselves shivver but there was already a band called shiva who were big at the time so we went with quivver.

FRISKY: The last 10 years has seen a lot of technological changes in every aspect of life. How do you see DJ’ing changing in say the next 20 years? Are we going to dancing to the beat of cyborg DJs?
QUIVVER: Yeah it wouldn’t surprise me , or maybe 3D holographic projections like black eyed peas did last year at the NRJ awards. Then every big club in the world could just pay david guetta to use his hologram and everyone would be happy!!

… We pause for a moment to try and get the visual Quivver has just painted for us. OK pausing is not working. Here’s a video of a recent release by Quivver featured on Ibiza 2011 Vol 2 compilation released this past August:

FRISKY: OK, that helped. Whats in the pipeline in your production or DJ career? What should Quivver fans reading this be aware of and look out for?
QUIVVER: I just finished a big vocal track for toolroom called ‘i don’t wanna wait’ which i’m really, really happy with – it features great vocalist called angel hart who i randomly heard when i opened my studio window one afternoon. she’s a vocal coach and her studio is in the same building as mine so i wandered round the building till i found her.

There’s also new single ‘here’s this’ coming out soon on microcastle and a 3 track e.p on great stuff.

Radio edit and music video for “Happy” on Raid Recordings

FRISKY: Whats your favourite club in the world to play in?
QUIVVER: There’s a few but recently my favourite gigs were at Avalon in LA and Pacha in Buenos Aires.

FRISKY: What are you most proud of in your professional (or personal) life? Could be anything – a release, a tour, your pet chihuahua.
QUIVVER: in that case i’d have to say my daughter Charlie, she just turned 2 and is a constant source of joy 😉

FRISKY: What country has the frisky-ist crowds?
QUIVVER: Argentina! i love playing there, proper party people!

FRISKY: Absolutely, some of our most enthusiastic fans are from there. If you could pick a place to DJ, ANY PLACE, where would that be.
QUIVVER: A huge, glass walled space station/club orbiting earth. it’d have to be be a low ticket price though so anyone and everyone could afford to go.

FRISKY: What is the weirdest request you have gotten from a fan
QUIVVER: Maybe it was when someone – it might have been a few people – asked me to stop playing russ abbott – ‘atmosphere’.. which is obviously a brilliant record!

Thanks to Quivver for answering our little questionnaire. Fans of Quivver will be interested to learn that he also has something totally different coming up in 2012: a rock / eclectic album! Here’s a sneak peak, we like what we hear:

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