Fresh Produce :: Hand-Picked Music by Ira Heinichen


The niche Electronic Music Industry exists in a torn state. Pirates war with artists and labels, listeners and DJ’s ally themselves to genres and scorn others outside them, music rises in and out of favor in the blink of an eye, and everyone seems to accept the fact that the days of the Big Tune are over. In the midst of all this, the Internet which is the broadcasting medium of the new century, is failing to address these conflicts and pull them together. Enter Fresh Produce.

“In a day and age where the internet listener has unprecedented access to information and interaction, literally at their fingertips, it astounds me that no one has taken the weekly Top 40 or ‘Essential Selection’-type show into the 21st century. Fresh Produce is exactly that.”

We combine the exciting and engaging weekly showcase, complete with interviews and guest artists, with the interaction of a Blog website for unprecedented access and interaction between listeners, DJ’s and artists.

And more than that, we put several current common practices in our cross-hairs. The first being the track-list; everything featured on Fresh Produce is track-listed with links to where one can find it for easy listening and purchase. This system is fundamental to the proper growth of our industry, and no one is going to feed it unless it’s easy to use.

“We all discover music by listening to what other people play. The fact that some DJ’s still refuse to track-list their radio sets is mind boggling. Not only is it failing to properly promote the music being played so listeners can find it for listening or use on their own, it’s not giving credit to the producers who’ve made the tracks that DJ is playing.”

We also take aim at the convention that genres are static and operate like boxes that separate the good from the bad. Most specifically, the term “progressive” seems to be misused the most. At Fresh Produce, it means whatever is fresh, innovative and exciting and that will always be an amalgamation of every genre. Because of the editorial choices of the host, guests, and users, we’re all guaranteed to find the Freshest Produce out there.

“This show has been a long time coming, and I’m incredibly excited that it’s finally here. The days of the superstar track have been quiet for a long time, and Internet Radio has been stuck in a very startup mindset. Fresh Produce is about changing that and bringing us back to really highlighting the music we love. There is so much good music out there, Fresh Produce is about finding it.”

So tune in and get down to what’s Fresh. It’s hitting the friskyRadio airwaves every Wednesday at 7pm Pacific / 10pm Eastern. The host is Ira Heinichen, a managing partner for Frisky, LLC and the site is