Franco Strato & Ale Castro Join Forces for Love and Loops

Lauren Krieger

Ale Castro and Franco Strato launch Love and Loops featuring Argentinian DEEP

Ale Castro and Franco Strato have individually been growing highly renowned in the Argentinian underground, through their deep and stylistic productions, as well as the thriving house vibes they bring when performing around the world alongside some of the biggest names in the industry. They have well established their influence on the scene independently, and now are joining forces to create Love and Loops together. As a label and DEEP show, they will be uniting those with similar vibes and motivations to showcase a sound that exemplifies the fun, joy, and passion to be found through the music.

Premiering May 25th @ 12PM EST [convert timezone], Love and Loops will be an exciting new addition that will bring something fresh and energetic with every episode. We catch up with Ale and Franco to learn more about this new project:

What started your music relationship together?

A: I can not remember it exactly now, but as far as I remember, Franco sent me some of his musical productions to my email and they were pleasant to me, one day he had a gig in my city and I went to listen to him and I found it interesting, which made me pay more attention to him. I think some months or probably a year later we were lucky to share a gig together and also an after hour in which we ended up playing back2back and we realized how compatible we were musically, we exchanged music and formed a beautiful friendship after that, and is still working!!!

F: Ale is really famous in his hometown, to which I used to go quite often to play, so I decided to send him my music, and he actually liked it. Some time after that, I travelled again to his place, and I was lucky to share booth with him, and music spoke for itself. We matched musically and spiritually, and that night was the beginning of a great friendship.

How did the idea of creating a show together come about?

A: Last year I decided to launch my own label and Franco is a very active part of it, not only as an artist, but also as a collaborator, and we started to carry out some promotion actions such as Showcases and mailing through the agency where I’m working. Franco has a radio show before and he offered to change the name to create a space for Love & Loops Records, thus having the possibility not only of spreading our music, but also of inviting other artists of the label and friends who share our broad musical taste Inside House Music.

Ale Castro

F: I’ve been at Frisky for almost 2 years, and 2 shows. For a while now, I had the idea of mutating in my mind, and that was when I thought of creating a new space for a project in which I had been collaborating with Ale, “Love and Loops” label. I commented this to him, and he accepted instantly.

I’ve seen you both listed as the “new breed” of the South American scene, what does that mean to you?

A: Well … hehehe, I must admit that I do not feel so much part of the new breed cuz I’m already 31 years old, but Franco definitely is. Although in Argentina we have many great artists, our scene is going through an era where the old artists are retiring, the consecrated are enjoying their good moment and we the not so well known at mainstream level we are enjoying the new doors that little to little are opening up through the underground scene, as well as the arrival of our music to all the world thanks to the internet and all the platforms that exist today to spread music but also thanks to the support of many international DJs who play our songs, we are still names “new” in the circuit, but I think we are on the right path.

F: I was lucky to start working professionally at an early age, and at a time when the musical scene grew greatly, and when the relations are managed mainly through the Internet. This tools had taken me to contact and get feedback from many artists that I respect a lot, and maybe to go further, internationally, till someone contacts me from clubs so I can go and show them my work! But beyond the luck, I could transcend working with respect, self-criticism, and wisdom. As we coincide with Ale, it’s a constant path, that also has its moments.

Franco Strato

What is your favorite thing about DJing and the music in general?

A: Definitely what I like most is the fact of being able to live doing what I love for so many years. I have never felt this as a job, i feel this more like a lifestyle. Besides that, I also like all the things that happen thanks to music, such as meeting people who are in the same vibe, being able to travel around the world and carry a message of love and unity through the sounds that come from inside our soul.

F: My favourite moment is when I get the audience through the feeling I tried to reflect. I come from a cradle full of disco music, where we all know what it is about to “have fun”, and then stepping out from the booth and feel people know me from ages. I was always a shy boy, someone of a few words, but through my DJ set, or my tracks, people know me without speaking. It breaks down many barriers!

What do you hope your listeners experience from your show?

A: I hope listeners can discover new artists that are going to be playing in our show, and also that the radio show will serve as a motivator for many new artists who will communicate with us and send us their productions, comments or whatever. I would like to think that this is going to be a great trigger for a great network of people who have the same passion: the music

F: I hope listeners can feel and have fun with the message we are sending through music. Not only ours, but also of our guests. I think Frisky is going to help us a lot regarding the spread of the project, and we are really grateful for that.




Catch the premiere of Love and Loops May 25th at 12PM EST [convert timezone] & get ready by listening to Franco Strato’s Stereo Wax On-Demand now:

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