A Day in the Life of Daniel Bruns

Lauren Krieger

Daniel Bruns takes us through one of the “normal” days of his life in Hamburg.

Daniel Bruns has made a name for himself working hard in many aspects of the electronic music industry, with a passion and focus that has been carrying on for over 15 years. Beginning as a promoter in 2000, he continued to work his way through the music world as a marketer, producer, and DJ, as well as filling whatever roles needed to be done to make the best music happen. Recently, Daniel has been producing “ZOO” & “Cirque Du Son” club events throughout Hamburg, bringing top names and killer nights to eager crowds. His Cirque Du Son show on FRISKY brings that energy to the airwaves, covering a variety of genres with deep and tech atmospheres, and featuring unique and interesting guest DJs that keep the stylistic music flowing. You can hear Daniel Bruns live on October 14th at GET FRISKY / ADE in Amsterdam. In the mean time, learn more about what it’s like to live in his shoes with a Day in the Life of Daniel Bruns:

Portrait04mAfter traveling to Barcelona and Ibiza with my friends for a few weeks during the summer, it’s time to go back to work in Hamburg. Many projects and events are awaiting me…

Barcelona & Ibiza Pics

The day starts fast and comes along with a few meetings, to get informed what happened in the last weeks and discuss the next steps in the projects.

H47A9064smFirst stop and meeting of the day is in the Villa Nova Club, where I discuss the next steps for our first event in the Villa Nova (on the 09.10. with Anja Schneider) and our Cirque du Son Festival (which will be on the 17.10.) with my partner Stephan and one of the clubowners.

Club_HamburgsmNext stop around noon is my schoolmate Peer’s studio. We started producing music together and collaborate as “Smith & Burns” since. Furthermore we are running our Labels Cirque du Son, deepdub recordings, Neon Stardust and Opium Recordings together. We discuss news, listen to promos and schedule the next releases and do some tiny adjustments to finish our next upcoming remix.

H47A9094smIn the afternoon I am back in my home office. Here I have to compile product pictures and select the t-shirt designs 2016 for my upcoming fashion label called Low Flying Objects with my assistant. The shop will be launched in the beginning of November 2015.


LFO-ShootingsmAfter being “up-to-date” it’s time to do something for my soul. It’s time to process my captured impressions and ideas in the Studio.



That is a “normal” freaky day in the life of Daniel Bruns

Come see him see him live at ADE or catch up with the awesome back catalog of Cirque Du Son on FRISKY now!:

Tune In: Cirque Du Son

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