Fille V

Fille V Creates Clarity Flow for FRISKY

Lauren Krieger

Stepping into nature in order to appreciate his work in the studio, Fille V knows the importance of music which transports you. His productions and DJ sets are created with the underlying understanding of music’s transformative power, and with the intention that it brings the listener into a calm and clear state of mind.

Growing up with a diverse appreciation for all types of music, and as a drummer and guitarist himself, Fille V’s musical perspective has given him an expanded viewpoint on electronic music – inspiring him to create music that is unlimited by genre but united in energy. Deep, percussive, often mysterious or mystical, Fille V’s signature sound can be heard through his productions on labels like Bonzai Progressive, Midnight Coast, Massive Harmony Records, Box4Joy, AH Digital & many more, and on his popular FRISKY guest mixes: Feelin’ FRISKY & Artist of the Week.

Now with the launch of Clarity Flow, Fille V will be bringing his energy to FRISKY listeners every month through his own show. Premiering January 21st @ 11 AM EST [convert timezone], you can listen on-demand anytime after with FRISKY Premium & FRISKY Apps.

Catch up with him as we get ready for the premiere:

Fille V

What is your electronic music origin story? Who were some of your early influences?

As a kid I was mainly addicted to the metalcore genre playing guitars & drums in some bands and also writing their music. The music I wrote was always very melodic. So I always loved catchy melodies upon altering basstones. In my earlier years I used to go to record stores listening to potential cd buys, and one of them was ‘In Search of Sunrise 6: Ibiza’ by Tiesto. This is where my love for electronic music really started. I loved the melody, the atmosphere & the grooves of my all time favorite electronic music album. I won’t digress on how good Tiesto’s music was back then comparing to the now but starting from that album I began listening to all of his podcasts, albums, etc… So in this period I was a real Trance-addict, but also listening to house music to have some variety. Although a small frustration for me was the difficulty of finding new music with the same real specific sound as in the ‘In Search of Sunrise’ album. Catchy emotional melodies, as in most Trance music, but also the deep (slower) housy grooves combined with spaced atmospheric samples (with lots of delay/reverb), that’s what I really loved. 

Apart from this, I’m in love with every genre in music (metal, pop, r&b, etc.. even country haha).

How do you think your beginning in electronic music affects the way you approach your own music today?

So today when I create music or build a set my standards go back to my first ‘In Search of Sunrise album’. When I listened to this music I only had to close my eyes and automatically see a large beach with the sun going down imagining the party soon about to begin. So with the sounds I choose today I want to get a similar effect. Just need to close my eyes and evaluate, does the sound take me to my favorite place? A hot beach, a beautiful forest with big open spaces, or anywhere where a clouded mind would clear up. 

What is something that you love to hear in the music you play? Is there a particular sound or style that you are a sucker for?

I’m a real sucker for deep sounds, drumloops with lots of percussion that give a tropic kinda vibe, catchy melodic samples that sound far way, well placed mysterious vocal samples, low filtered organs (dubby sounds) and especially catchy melodies with altering basstones. These are some personal recognisable factors that you will hear a lot in my music, but in fact there are no real determining characteristics that make a song sound great. There are no rules :).

Fille V

What has been one of the highlights of your music career so far?

Something awesome for me was when Armin Van Buuren played one of my original productions ‘Follow The Arrow’ on his 2016 set in the ‘Ushuaia’ club, Ibiza. I think it was a week or something that I couldn’t stop smiling because of it :). I do prefer Armin’s older work & listening to his podcasts as a kid made this moment extra special to me.

Another great moment was when Belgian polar explorer Dixie Dansercoer reached out to me to tell me how he enjoys my music during his time struggling against the wind & cold on the Arctic or the Antarctic. I’ve always admired his expeditions and his way of thinking, so finding a mental reaching point with him was fantastic.   

What are you currently focusing on or putting your energy towards? Are there any new projects you can share with us?

I try to find a good balance between DJing & producing, in this way I get the most fun out of it. Creating music + djing gives inspiration for better productions & visa versa. As far as djing I will concentrate on scouting for the best tracks to play in ‘Clarity Flow’ as I am very excited about this project. Also I have a couple of local venues in Belgium that regularly invite me to play a set. Productions wise I have 2 new EP’s coming out very soon on BOX4JOY & Zephyr Music + I’m also working on new material to pitch at ‘AH Digital’ or ‘Massive Harmony Records’, 2 of my favorite labels to release on ^^.

What do you enjoy most about being an electronic musician & DJ?

More than being a rock musician, playing electronic music allows me to use sounds that touch specific parts of the soul. Especially the parts that need relaxation & calming down. Also the fact that electronic music is presented in forms of ‘sets’ with a duration of 1 hour or 2 hours, really allows the musician to take the audience on a journey & lead them to a specific state of mind. And the cool part is that friendships, bonds, unities are created so easily. Because the music that is played mostly comes from a wide range of nationalities & different producers, not one band that only plays their own stuff.

Fille V

I’d love to hear more about the name choice – what does Clarity Flow mean to you?

The name ‘Clarity Flow’: All the songs I make & play put me in a zone where I see things more clearly. When I’ve finished a mix I always go for a walk to somewhere peaceful with lots of nature & open space. Then I evaluate to see if the music is just right. The songs have to reinforce (together with the beautiful nature & the physical movement ) the feeling of clarity & calmness in my head. All this together makes the clouds and the unclarity in my head go away, that were created during a stressful day or week.

So when I start walking I get in this flow where automatically my gut feeling begins to take over from the clouded thinking machine. Then afterwords I can relativise certain ‘problems’ because their solution is much closer than I initially felt them to be. Or, I just realise the problem isn’t really a problem :). So therefore the name ‘Clarity Flow’.

What are you looking forward to about having your show on FRISKY?

I started listening around 10 years ago to Frisky radio when I discovered Jody Wisternoff’s show Intensified. So after all this time of being a regular listener I’m just gratefull to host a show on Frisky. 10 years ago when I was only drummer in a rockband I woud have never imagined this :d.

Obviously I’m also very excited to reach new people, to inspire them. And I hope listeners will understand the concept of my show so they can , even more, benefit from it. And if not I’m also glad if people just enjoy the music, haha. 

I always make sure my sets are well filled with music from producers & labels, that in my opinion are underrated or better put: ‘less known’. So I’m really happy to spread their beautiful music via the Clarity Flow show.