Fernando Ferreyra on the power of Dreamers

Lauren Krieger

How does Dreamers come to life? Fernando Ferreyra takes you deep.

Dreamers is a global FRISKY favorite, always finding itself in the top 10 (and often #1) spot on the charts for weeks in a row. It’s obvious that Fernando Ferreyra’s fans connect deeply with the worlds he creates through his music, with comments from fellow dreamers who find the mixes truly resonate with their lives. Recently celebrating its lucky 7th anniversary, Fernando re-branded Dreamers with a fresh new look to match his continually fresh sound. With 20K listens (and getting more every day!), this special episode has been one of the most popular yet. What is it that makes this show such a favorite? What does it mean to be a dreamer?

I wanted to know more and caught up with Fernando to dive in:


What does the name “Dreamers” mean to you?

Dreamers is an important part of my life, Dreamers is my dreams come true, this is for me, my way of musically expressing myself, my way of showing my moods, my way which I live day by day, all this is dreamers for me. If I could give an order in my life, my family would be first and second Dreamers. It means a lot to me.

How do you feel it fits your music and its followers?

After all these years, being very true to my tastes, I have managed to capture an audience that grows every day, providing me support constantly, and this is very gratifying, I am very strict, my musical tastes don’t change by fashions, I think my listeners give a lot of value to this, and that is why they are adding more friends to this story of Dreamers.

Today, I stopped naming the music that I’m using in my shows, from Progressive House to Dreamers Sounds, this way is more representative.

What is a vital key for a track to make it on to one of your mixes?

As I said before, I am very strict, I’m a fervent music lover, I’m very meticulous when I’m selecting music to my ears, therefore each track that you hear on Dreamers has been carefully selected. This music must cause something in me, must to touch my soul, otherwise, become a file more in the recycle bin of My Computer.

What is your favorite thing about the music?

Purely and simply, melodies and heavenly harmonies.


What was the decision behind re-branding with a new image for Dreamers?

I think art is always changing, evolving, like many things in this life, to keep alive a product, a radio show, must constantly update it, give to the public that supports this radio show, always something new, something for catches their attention, they can say: there is something more than music, something new.

How do you think your show has changed through the last 7 years?

Dreamers born, being a radio show more, exclusively of progressive house, no guests, only personal sets. Through these years it added many listeners.

Dreamers has earned its name, and it is now a world reference specific genre (Progressive House).

Very happy, I can say there are many producers who only make music for this radio show, means a lot to me, because they feed Dreamers with their excellent music.

Dreamers musically never changed, nor will change.

What has remained constant throughout every episode?

Great question. Musically, as I said, always had its own sound, Progressive House / Dreamers Sounds, this is something that has not changed, listeners give much value to this.

Something always was and will be, my love for doing the right things, without mistakes, do not accept mistakes, for something that I love so much.

This requirement was always, from the beginning, remains so, and will remain so.


If there was one thing that you would want people to experience when listening to your music, what would it be?

Another big question.

I always want people to hear it with the same love with which I do when I mix it.

Each Dreamers is a story in itself, often represents part of my life, or my moods, therefore, is one more way that my listeners can know me.

Basically it’s that they can listen it with their heart and their soul, it’s very important to reach people that way.

Thank you for the insight into Dreamers!

Listen to the special 7th anniversary episode now:

Tune In: Dreamers