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Style of Their Own: FeMMes on DecKs Celebrate 9 Years with FRISKY

R.A. Bakr

With a style all of their own, Argentinian duo Femmes on Decks celebrates 9 years of full FRISKY force.

Since 2010, DJs Laura Seh and Romix keep firing up the decks with solid progressive FRISKY groove and defining unique state of mind with their show High Heeled Geeks.

Reaching that decade-long FRISKY milestone, we caught up with the FeMMes for a fun filled-chat.

Hi Laura & Romy, This is so exciting! You’re celebrating 9 years with FRISKY. Congratulations! Take us back to when you both first met. Was there ever an expectation that FeMMes on DecKs would still be as strong all these years later?

To be honest, we never thought how long we would last. We started playing together as the result of one meeting for sharing music that made us mix our first recorded set. And a month later, this took us to our first gig in a massive club in Buenos Aires. We would never expect so many years together doing what we love!

There are so many facets to electronic music, producing and deejaying. What’s your process been like through the years?

Well, we started playing progressive house, then we moved more to tech house, then back to progressive, then more techno, then back to tech house and progressive. We followed our vibes where the music itself took us… Meanwhile, we made some producing projects as well. We also played music and made our own visuals in what we called “Femmes on Decks 2.0”. It’s been really fun!

What excites you the most about the next phase of your career?

We feel more grown up now. We can say we always played the music we wanted to play. Nobody ever told us what to play and we will keep on doing that. We are now more into producing again and giving more and more to our audience.

Share with me how you’ve grown as artists?

As we are an artist made of two persons, we’ve given a lot of each of us to Femmes On Decks. We are super critical of our work and we are always looking towards becoming better and better. We are always looking for new music, buying great tracks, listening to so many promos per week and also discovering amazing hidden artists worldwide. Mostly, Argentinians, as there is a great talent between our colleagues. We also learn a lot from our audience – they teach us how to entertain them, which is our biggest challenge.

Femmes on Decks live

Biggest misconception about electronic music?

There are too many… to name a couple: “electronic music producers are not musicians” or “electronic music is not music”. Come on! They don’t know how much work and how many hours it takes to finish a track!

How often do you get out and have fun, and where do you go? What’s been the best place you’ve traveled?

We go out and have fun outside the DJ booth, a lot! About the best place we travelled, we’ve liked all great places where we travelled to such as India, London and New York. And we just returned from Orlando where we had such an amazing time being “kids” again at Disney! And yes… we have so many pics with Mickey Mouse! [laughs]

What’s your all-time favorite throwback track?

Great question! There’s so so many! A big classic could be: Sander Kleinemberg’s ‘My Lexicon’.

What’s next for FeMMes on DecKs?

More music, what else? [laughs]

To catch up with FeMMes on DecKs, visit them on social media:

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Instagram: @femmesondecks

Don’t forget to listen to their special anniversary show, right here on FRISKY!