FeMMes on DecKs celebrate 7 years of High Heeled Geeks


FeMMes on DecKs on 7 years of Feelin’ Frisky

Recently High Heeled Geeks completed seven long years with FRISKY, we were super excited. FeMMes On Decks have been putting out the show month after month for all these years without fail and it has been loved by all of us. Romina and Laura began their journey together back in 2007 and ever since then, they have been ruling the dance floor across the map. Their musical set creates a subtle and groovy vibes travelling through tech house to progressive/deep house genre. Every show is a different journey that you take and interpreting in your own way.

It wasn’t that difficult to come up with things to talk about. We had a lengthy conversion on their journey with frisky, working as a duo and gigs which later turned into an interview. 🙂

Congratulations!! “High Heeled Geeks” has completed 7 long years with FRISKY. If you could recall, can you please tell us how did it all start?

Romix: Thank you! We are very happy to be a part of Frisky for such a long time! It all started when Gerardo Boscarino asked me for a guest mix for his well-known show “De Ushuaia a La Quiaca”. A year after, we got together with Laura as Femmes on Decks and Haazy asked us for a guest anniversary mix for his show Sextronic. It went really well, so we were invited to do a mix for the artist of the week. And then, the proposal arrived: we were invited to have our own radio show at Frisky! We were sooo excited! And we are still now, we always loved this amazing radio!

Laura: When this month started and we realize that a new anniversary was coming, the first thing that we thought was “we have to do a super special mix!” and then, other things came to our minds… like… OMG, 7 years! Sometimes when a project like this starts the time goes by and you just see all your work when you stop for a minute and look back.  As Romix said, it was like a long way till the proposal came, and we are so happy being part of this with such an amazing and crazy crew like the frisky family.

How would you define your music? Has it changed over the last few years?

Romix: Our music has changed a lot through time and it will keep on changing when playing live, but our radio show has a well-defined personality and vibe. We love groovy and at the same time trippy progressive house for High Heeled Geeks. It defines a state of mind and we find this style perfect for listening. We hope our audience keeps enjoying our mixes as we do enjoy making them 😉

Laura: We started playing music when Progressive House was the most popular genre in Argentina, and we love it; but as everything in this world music is changing all the time. We are always experiencing in new sounds, but we still have the same essence.

What keeps you excited about music and touring?

Romix: Music allows us to travel even when we stay in the same place, it’s a way of communication. And touring is amazing, getting to know people around the world and along and across our beautiful country. Interacting with the crowd is the best. We are entertainers, we need to understand what the people expects and make them have a great time. The best part of having a radio show is that our music goes everywhere, anytime.

Everybody feels Frisky around the globe!

Laura: Touring is awesome! We meet great people all around the world. This is great as we know that we can go everywhere and we have friends. People are really nice with us and the music is the way for us to stay in touch with them. It´s incredible how much music says about you, and how the people feel it.


What is the most difficult or easiest part when playing as a duo?

Romix: In our case everything is better when we play together. We understand each other perfectly, there are no personal egos or fights as we both want the same. We also feel the music the same way and we take it seriously. We work really hard for giving the best when playing live and when doing our radio show: we buy, listen and handle A LOT of music and we select the best option for each situation. So, it’s a win-win! When touring, is great to have a friend around and when playing, while one is mixing the other can interact with the crowd or make some extra noise! 😉

Laura: We are a duo as DJs but we are friends in “real life”, so, everything is better together. We became friends in a radio based in BA and it was because of the music. We used to talk a lot about new stuff at that time, and one day we decided to do a mix together… and well, here we are. After that mix was played at the radio some promoters called us to play together and we saw that we were a good combination outside and inside the DJ booth.

Would you prefer festival or more intimate club gigs? Which one do you think servers better crowd interaction?

Romix: Festivals are great experiences but I’d rather prefer intimate clubs. There you can interact with people, see their faces, understand what they like more, shake hands, go down and dance with them for a while 😉

Laura: Intimate clubs has a different atmosphere, where you can feel the crowd closer; and I like that! Of course festivals are always so much fun, but are different things

Which is your favourite club/venue to perform?

Romix: It wouldn’t be fair to mention one or more. The best venue is not just a place for me. It’s a mix of venue, people, atmosphere, sound… Sometimes the best venue can be a friend’s house or a small club somewhere…

Laura: It´s not easy to choose just one. We have fun in small and big clubs. The most important thing is the people around.

Last song that you played on your iPod? 🙂

Romix: Depeche Mode – Stripped 😉

Laura: People sometimes think that we have just electronic music in our iPods, but we don´t. To be honest, I don’t have EM in my iPod. Sometimes I like to listen Mozart, British Rock, Alternative Music, and even French music. My last track played? Alexandre Desilets – Crime parfait

dj2Thanks for 7 awesome years, FeMMes!

Listen to their fantastic anniversary set now!:

Listen Now: FeMMes on DecKs Anniversary Episode