Explore the diverse sounds of Nicolaj with the launch of “Into the Night” on FRISKY CHILL

Lauren Krieger

FRISKY CHILL welcomes its newest show “Into the Night” hosted by Nicolaj

Nicolaj’s impact as a chillout and downtempo DJ comes from many years of creating mixes from his vast library of music. Covering a wide variety of genres, from atmospheric ambient, to experimental, to modern classical, his mixes create diverse, thoughtful, and unique soundscapes. Considering himself just “a danish kid who loves music”, Nicolaj aims to continually expand his musical knowledge, add to his extensive catalog, and provide deep beautiful music with rich and unusual sounds to listeners around the world.

With the launch of “Into the Night” on FRISKY CHILL, he will be able to bring his experimental and creative mixes to a global audience, adding to the already diverse lineup of the best chill electronic DJs. Get a feel his style and atmosphere with his Ambience and Noise guest mix, and be sure to tune in & tune out with the premiere of “Into the Night” on February 21st at 11AM EST [convert timezone].

Nicolaj – Into the Night