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Lauren Krieger

Hear from NameSpace as they get ready to release the first Artist of the Week mix of 2016.

NameSpace has been continuously and steadily spreading their sound, their commitment to the music evident in everything they do. Individually, Ben Shaw and Ben Summers have been traversing the underground scene for over a decade, with notable track releases and DJ residencies keeping them deep in the industry. Joining together, they have created a formidable team, with a depth of experience and restless passion at its core. Whether producing or remixing for labels including Stripped Recordings, Pro-B-Tech Records, Soulfire Downloads, and Crossworld Records, or mixing their popular FRISKY show “Syntax”, they always bring a melodic sound and sincere energy to their music.

On Tuesday January 5th, NameSpace will be featured as FRISKY’s Artist of the Week, with a brand new extended exclusive mix featuring the latest underground electronic music. Diving into their world, we catch up with Ben Shaw & Ben Summers to learn more about them & what to expect next:


What is the NameSpace origin story?

Ben Shaw: A few years back Ben asked if I’d be up for working with him on a track he’d previously started, but was unable to finish.

It was a great track, but strangely I couldn’t get any further with it either, so we decided to work on something fresh and new. We got together then and instantly hit it off studio wise, producing our first original track “The Sentinel” which was immediately signed to Norman Hines’s Stripped Muzik label. It went so well that we agreed to carry on working together (as well as solo), going on to remix Deep Funk, Seb Dhajje, and many more for Stripped at that time.

We’d also both DJed for years, so it made sense to join forces as a duo behind the decks, and then later with our live show.

Ben Summers: We met through mutual friends at a Sasha gig prob around 2007/8. Think it was in Manchester somewhere. We got chatting on the night (prob over a few to many drinks!) and both agreed it would be cool to work on something. As Ben mentioned we had one failed start but once we did meet and work on original material it really clicked in the studio.

What are the benefits and challenges of working as a team?

Ben Shaw: It’s mainly benefits to be honest! We can both chip at way at stuff in our own time as well as working as a team, so it’s a combined force. Studio wise, one of us can pick up when the other is temporarily exhausted of ideas etc. I work slightly quicker on my own as you don’t need approval on everything, but the extra input more than makes up for that. We mostly work in the same room, but when we’ve almost completed a track we sometimes finish off the finer details remotely.

Ben Summers: I really enjoy working in the studio as a pair, it allows us to really push each other and try things we wouldn’t normally do. If one of us is struggling with something its cool to have an extra pair of ears to comment and help.

Can you take us through your process of preparing & creating mixes for Syntax?

Ben Shaw: When we happen to be together in the studio at the time of being due a Frisky mix, we’ll mix namespaceimageit out live on CDJs if we’re in the mood for that, or work together in Ableton.

If we’re not in the same room (as we live 100 miles apart), one of us will do the first half hour, then send over the internet for the other person to do the second half. We’re so used to DJing together that we both trust each other to pick up the vibe of the set even when we don’t mix it in the same room.

Ben Summers: It’s always exciting to hear what Ben has found and suggestions for inclusion this month. I always look forward to putting the mix together!

Do you feel there are any particular emotions or messages you try to share through your productions and DJ mixes?

Ben Shaw: We always try and make our sound a bit different. We throw lots of random field sound recordings and weird effects into the pot, but always try and maintain melodic musical and emotional connections, as well providing strong, dance floor friendly grooves.

We share a studio with Dennis White (ThermalBear), so between us all there’s always lots of cool new synths and gear to keep us inspired when collaborating! 😉

Ben Summers: The random field sounds has always been a part of our production. I think it really helps to make your music standout. We also try to have a strong melodic element in our music and we work hard on that right from the beginning of the production process.


What do you like to do when you’re not working on music?

Ben Shaw: I’m getting into computer programming and attempting to learn Brazilian Portuguese, but I have other musical interests too: I’m a keen percussionist, and am also about to score the music for a short film. We frequently go clubbing too, which can be inspirational, but also sometimes distract us from being our most productive the next day in the studio! 😉 When Hernan Cattaneo plays in London, the next day is always a write off! 😉

Ben Summers: I’m into running during which i often listen to music. I often finish a run with more ideas. I’m lucky to have a large group of friends and an amazing family so weekends are spent catching up with them.

What’s coming up next for NameSpace?

Ben Shaw: Watch this space! We’ve penciled in a good few studio sessions to work on some new original material next year…

Bring on 2016!

Ben Summers: We have some tracks in the bag which we are really happy with so far As Ben says bring on 2016!

Looking forward to hearing what’s next! NameSpace will definitely be a name to look out for in 2016, starting off with their FRISKY Artist of the Week mix, airing January 5th at 2PM EST [convert timezone]

In the mean time, listen to the latest Syntax and dive right in!:

Listen Now: Syntax