Endless Melancholy Presents Weightless

Lauren Krieger

As Endless Melancholy, Oleksiy Sakevych has been producing emotional electronic music that inspires listeners to take an introspective look into their own experiences. His music covers a deep exploration of moods, with feeling as the driving factor behind his sounds. From his home in Kiev, Ukraine, Endless Melancholy has produced a large back catalog of releases, from albums to EPs, remixes and compilations, each which capture his own perspective on life, sharing that which moves his soul with hopes that it will move others as well. Now he’s adding a new avenue to his music: Weightless, a CHILL show where he can not only share his own music, but the music from others who have inspired him on his journey.

Weightless premieres on October 28th at 11AM [convert timezone] on FRISKY’s CHILL channel, and will be available to listen on-demand anytime after with a FRISKY Premium Subscription & FRISKY Mobile Apps.

Get to know Endless Melancholy before the beginning:

What was your first introduction into music production?

I guess, it was somewhere in 2010, when I discovered an exciting world of home recording. I mean, I was playing the guitar and composing my own stuff long before that, but the idea to actually record something came to my mind in 2010. So I started to self-study different music software, electronic and analog instruments, and with time my possibilities expanded to much more than exploiting only the guitar sound. Needless to say, I’m self-taught in everything, so I perceive making music as a process of constant self-improvement and interesting explorations.

Do you feel that you have to be a certain (melancholy?) state when you are working on music?

Not necessarily melancholy, but it definitely must be some special state of mind and soul. Perhaps, that’s what people simply call inspiration. Dreaminess and overall mellow and soothing mood of my works are just a reflection of my


How would you describe the underlying theme or message of your music?

In my music I am mostly trying to portrait my own emotions, but I want my compositions to evoke the same emotions in the listener. Each of my albums is not a collection of songs, but rather a collection of moods. Inviting listeners to have an introspective trip into the world of their feelings and memories – that’s what I’m aiming to.

With so many albums, EPs, and individual tracks, do you have any favorites among them?

That’s a tough question to answer… Each of the album is a reflection of some certain period of my life… I still have warm feelings to my debut album “Music For Quiet Mornings”. Even though I feel, like I completely overgrown it, but other people still like it. I would also point out “Her Name In A Language Of Stars”, because on it I shifted from piano based instrumentals to more ethereal ambient soundscape music.

What is the toughest part of the creative process for you?

Our life gets hectic sometimes. Everyday routine and stress sometimes leave no place for inspiration, and you feel exhausted and unable to write a single note. Making music requires a perfect harmony and peace of mind. Not being able to compose music because of the inability to achieve those is, probably, the worst thing to experience during the creative process.

What do you enjoy the most about writing and sharing music?

Writing music is a fun and pleasant process itself –it’s some sort of healing for the soul and letting your inner turmoil go. But it’s also a big pleasure to receive feedback from people from all over the world, who enjoy your works and tell you a lot of exciting stories, how your music helped them in different situations. Spreading love and positive vibes and receiving them back in reward makes me happy.

Could you share some details about your live performance set up and experience?

I don’t play live as often as you could expect from a musician these days… Mostly it’s 2-3 shows per year at some special venues or on special occasions. I just prefer creation process to reproduction process, simply because I find it more enjoyable for myself. However, at my rare live shows I really enjoy and appreciate warm welcoming from people attending them. So far I use my laptop, which is a core to my live setup, and some synths and effects, both digital and analog. As it is common for ambient musicians, video plays an important role, so I always prepare some footage to play to.

What is the Kiev scene like, for ambient or experimental styles of electronic music?

Talking about the Kyiv scene (I might sound subjective, but that’s my vision of things) – it’s a small, but constantly expanding community. I am not aware of too many Ukrainian artists working in this music field, unfortunately. A few of my favorite musicians are Kyiv based composer Heinali, whose style is constantly evolving from one direction to another, which excites me a lot, and my friends of Gamardah Fungus, a duo from Dnipro city, who dedicated a lot of time experimenting and developing their own sound – from dark jazz to electroacoustic and modular synthesizers music. In Kyiv there is one venue, which is strongly interested in this kind of sound. It is ran by our friends and is called Mezzanine, lots of my shows took place there. I also like that more interesting venues interested in ambient and exploratory sound appear on the map of Ukraine in such cities as Dnipro, Odessa… My most recent show happened at Odessa’s St. Paul’s Cathedral (with Heinali and Igor Yalivec of Gamardah Fungus on the line-up), and it was amazing. One more (and possibly the oldest) Ukrainian annual experimental event is Nextsound Festival. I haven’t had a chance to discover it more deeply, but it’s definitely a must mention thing.

What will your show Weightless be featuring? Will it all be your personal productions?

I will mostly include music that inspires me to my own creations. Of course, I will include my own works too but, of course, episodes won’t consist entirely of my productions. Tune in, if you’re into rich and emotional ambient and electronic music.

Tune into the premiere on October 28th @ 11AM EST [convert timezone] or listen anytime / anywhere after with a FRISKY Premium Subscription & FRISKY Mobile Apps.