Going Deeper into The Night with Eleven Sins & Mirabilis

Lauren Krieger

 Discover the stories of The Night, and how the darkness brings the light, with Eleven Sins’ new release on Mirabilis

Mirabilis continues their mission to release creative music, that which spans genres and styles while taking a distinctively deep approach that edges on the outsides of the usual. Their latest release features the haunting and powerful sound of Eleven Sins, an up & coming new producer from Sarajevo who has previously released on Soundteller Records, MNL, and Lowbit. The Night EP is comprised of three distinctive tracks which combine to describe a complete story, fitting for a dark room that inspires the dance floor to get lost in the deep beats and layered melodies.

As the number of tracks released every day means that so many of them can get lost in the mix, it’s always a pleasure to dive a little deeper and uncover the stories behind the sounds. There is inevitably something interesting, something that deserves to be told from the artist’s words. In the case of “The Night”, I discovered that Eleven Sins embraces the dark in order to bring light to his life, while still maintaining a go-humored approach to the whole thing.

I wanted to know what brought this to the attention of Alex of Mirabilis – as the curator of the sound, and with his Mirabilis Radio show on FRISKY always bringing deep and thoughtful music, I knew that his opinion would give some interesting insight into the EP:

What initially drew you to these tracks?

Alex: The tracks were actually passed to me from Forniva who is my right hand A&R and after the first listen I was into them, the moody vibe of the melodies and the powerful, driving groove are just my kind of sound and we decided to sign them right away.

What do you think makes them stand out?

Alex: I think Denis is a great producer and sound engineer, he has a great feeling about the balance of the mix and has a good musical vibe too.

What makes them stand out for me is that the whole EP is connected – each track is the evolution of the one before, somehow let’s say they represent the night evolving though its course.

How would you say this EP represents what Mirabilis is all about?

Alex: It does. We were always about pushing young talents and Denis definitely is one of the brightest prog names coming out of Bosnia.

He also joined our team and is our main mastering guy now.

On another note, I have had the pleasure of working with him on a few collaborations so far and must say he really added some really nice touches…. Stay tuned for more info on this matter! 🙂

Where do you picture these tracks making the most impact?

Alex: I can see these work in smaller clubs with a more intimate atmospheres but I think especially “Blue Fog” and “Silent Moon” can do some serious damage on the bigger floors too!

Eleven Sins is quickly making a name for himself as a producer, and it was great to have the chance to learn more about him and his thoughts behind The Night EP:

Where did you draw your inspiration for this EP?

Eleven Sins: I was in Sarajevo one night and I was bored. I looked at the ceiling of my living room and there was spider. He winked at me with one of his six eyes and I was like hmmm maybe he wants company. We sat down and had a chat. Cool dude. He told me that he wants to be web developer and he calls himself Nightcrawler. And because his life story inspired me so much I decided to call EP “Spider named Nightcrawler”, but that was too long of a name so I named EP “The Night”.

That’s fantastic. 😉 Did you set out with any specific goals or purposes behind this set of tracks?

Eleven Sins: My main goal with these tracks was to get noticed by people with influence in progressive house scene. The purpose of this EP was to try to learn few new production techniques and just have fun creating music.

Are there particular feelings, emotions, or stories related to their creation?

Eleven Sins: Each song has its own story. Blue Fog was created while I was wearing blue hoodie while fog was outside. Scent of a woman was inspired by me getting munchies and eating a scent candle while some random neighbour woman watched me through her window. Silent moon was inspired by looking at the moon and thinking that moon is really silent every Thursday. I mean it is always silent but especially on Thursdays.

Ha! I think those are the best track origin stories I’ve heard. Do you feel that there is a theme that runs through the EP or your music in general?

Eleven Sins: Not really, I make music to escape my reality. Let me explain a bit. My reality is really happy place, and I’m sometimes afraid that it will become shitty. So I try to make darker music, at least with this EP, just to push out negativity from my life.

My opinion is if I make dark music, there will continue to be light in my other aspects of life.

What drives you as a musician?

Eleven Sins: I’m a Master degree electrical engineer so curiosity, experimentation and tendency to learn how everything works is rooted in me. I try to implement that in music also. One day I learn everything about elephants and in the video I hear an elephant making a horn sound, and I’m like hmmm I could use that in track and I do it. The other day I just sit down to produce music, just to test things I learned the other day.

What do you think is the most important quality that a good track must have?

Eleven Sins: Perfect mix, bass and catchiness. I’m currently not making catchy songs, or even good mixed songs, and also often they lack of bass. But some people tend to like them so that makes me happy.

What do you hope people experience when they listen?

Eleven Sins: I don’t want people to be bored with my tracks while listening it at home or while DJ is playing them. That’s why I currently have tendency to put too much stuff in tracks. But I’m learning everyday something new. I’m still new in this music business thingy, it’s my first year as music producer so…

Surely there is much more to come!




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