From the Depths of Dynacom Comes Komodor

Lauren Krieger

There is a power in the balance of progressive music, the blend of lightheartedness and intensity, nostalgia and futurism, all combining to create an experience that mirrors our own lives. By embodying this spirit, Dynacom has followed the messages of the music to create his own lasting impact.

Based in Buenos Aires, Dynacom has made music his way of life. Whether DJing or producing his own brand of progressive and techno, or running the established Auditen Music and fresh Amitabha Records, he puts his focus fully on his connection with and creation of the music.

Wanting to add another avenue for expression, Dynacom is launching his new show Komodor on FRISKY. Aiming to “express myself sincerely from the beginning to the end”, this show will not just be a means to share music, but share himself.

Tune into the premiere on February 6th @ 6PM EST [convert timezone] or anytime after on-demand with FRISKY Premium.

Photography by Lau Bacanal

What is the origin story of Dynacom? What does the name mean to you?

Hi Lauren, how are you? Thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview, it’s a pleasure for me.

The idea of starting this project was born approximately 6 years ago, when I began to get involved in producing my own tracks. At that moment I wanted to do trance, Tech-Trance specifically. I have listened to electronic music since I was 13 years old, I was always listening to a lot of music and different genres. At that moment when I sat down to do my first tracks, I felt that the music that I had proposed to do did not fill me anymore, I was not passionate and I was trying to do it. So naturally I was changing and evolving until I found this style that moves me and decided to start with the Project.

The name “Dynacom” is very important for me, I think it involves everything I want to convey with my music, abstract, futuristic and a mysterious touch, but without forgetting the past.

Was there a moment when you knew you electronic music would be your life focus?

I think that since I heard the first beat, from a Paul Oakenfold set, I was extremely caught up in electronic music. As a Clubber first as DJ & Producer now, making it my way of life, I lived for electronic music from that moment. It has given me many immeasurably happy moments, it has accompanied me and taken me out of the worst moments too, so I must tell you that that was the moment where I knew that somehow I was going to be involved with electronic music for all my life.

Has your perspective on the industry changed since you began? Especially as it comes to running a label?

It has changed a lot, not only my perspective, the industry has changed, evolved a lot and very fast. When I started going to clubs it was the last time DJs were residents in the booths, where there were only 1 or 2 DJs per night, where the dj was expressed and had the time to take you on your trip. Today it is very difficult to find that. Maybe in one night there are 4 or 5 DJs, although I see a tendency to go back to the extended set, especially in the progressive.

As for the perspective of executing the label, I believe that change, in maturing in the management of the label, understand the work that is in the chain of launches of a label (Distributor, Platforms, Mastering, Image, Etc.) Planning each release is a very important job and one that demands a lot of time from the cover to the final process, and of course the respect that every artist deserves.

The industry is changing at very fast steps, every day there are new things, new platforms are added and we must be updated to provide the best to each launch.

I’d love to hear more about Auditen – what do you look for when it comes to making selections for the label? What do you think sets Auditen apart?

The sound we seek is mainly defined by the rhythm and percussion part of the track. We look for “club music”, for the dance floor, with a certain quality of dynamic sound and very good. Having only one release per month, we look for something unique and original.

I think what distinguishes us is the fusion of “progressive melodies with a techno rhythm”. When you listen to the label catalog, I think that identity, which we always try to achieve, distinguishes the label.

I know your relationship with Bodai is important when it comes to Auditen and life – how do you keep a balance between your work and personal partnership? Do you have any “keys to success” when it comes to working together?

That’s right, both in my life and in Auditen, Bodai is a fundamental part, she has managed to establish a primordial order for the label to continue evolving.

I’m not going to tell you that it’s easy to maintain a balance, but I think we achieved it, keeping each one of his personal projects, knowing which role each one occupies and having clear both the tasks that we must perform and our objectives on the label.

What has been & always will be most important to you when it comes to working with music?

Good question, I think the most important thing for me to do, listen or select music is to have fun and be surprised in the process. Having those feelings of connection with what I am doing, leads me to give the best of me naturally and selflessly. These sensations are unique and almost inexplicable.

Between your label, Djing, producing, and more, what is your favorite thing to do? What about your least favorite task?

I would say that the most I like to do is very distributed, but if I have to choose an option it is Djing without doubts, as for the least favorite,
it is the “administrative and bureaucratic” part of the label.

Photography by Lau Bacanal

When you need to take a break, what is your favorite thing to do?

Lately when I need a break videogames game, some game of PES, see series is also something that I really like to do.

What is the best part of being in the Buenos Aires scene? What is most challenging?

I think the best thing about this city in terms of the scene is that it is very heterogeneous, there are many parties of different styles, practically every day, the underground is something that has not been lost here and many people who do things just for passion to this music.

The most challenging thing is to always be evolving, learning and improving, since here there are many good producers and DJs that are better every day.

Do you have a favorite venue? What are your favorite types of shows to play?

I have a favorite place, Bahrain Buenos Aires a historic club here, there I took my first steps as a clubber and it will always be special for me.

As for the type of shows, no doubt my favorites are in a club, I have always liked the atmospheres that are generated.

What does the name Komodor represent? What should listeners know about your show?

“Komodor” represents for me something very special, it is my little world, I would tell you that everything I think and feel in my head, and what I try to express with music is my Komodor. It is also the first EP released in Auditen which makes it even more special.

As I told you before, I want to pour into this new radioshow my essence 100%, to express myself sincerely from the beginning to the end. I have two hours of show in which I will try to take listeners on a trip for my “Komodor” so I hope to achieve it and enjoy the experience.

What does 2019 hold for Dynacom?

A lot of new music, a new EP in Auditen in the coming months, a new collaboration with Bodai, an EP for Amitabha our other label, in a more experimental facet that has me very enthusiastic, among other releases and of course the launch of this new show “Komodor” on February 6th, on FRISKY that is so important. So I would say that a few days after I started I can not be happier for the things that are coming this year.

Thank you very much for the note Lauren, I hope that everyone has a great 2019.

Tune into the premiere of Komodor on February 6th @ 6PM EST [convert timezone] or listen anytime / anywhere after with a FRISKY Premium Subscription & FRISKY Mobile Apps.