Intrigue, Curiosity, and Stories from the NYC Underground with Domingo Cava

Lauren Krieger

Domingo Cava’s Random Choice Generator EP showcases his endless passion for the deep underground sound.

If you’ve had the pleasure of listening to Domingo Cava’s mixes on Sullivan Room Sessions, you know what it’s like to take a trip into his world. This is music designed to capture your imagination, to get you to surrender to the moment, to pay attention. Emotion and intrigue are evident in the selections and evolution of his mixes, mixes that transport you through dark and light, dreamy and grounded. It’s clear that Domingo’s music is coming from a place deep within, and that he isn’t holding anything back.

As “an advocate and a guardian of the city’s underground scene”, Domingo Cava’s connection to New York has been developing for decades, influencing his style as he gives back through his own distinctive sonic perspective. Playing at renowned venues including Output, Dance.Here.Now, Verboten, Cielo, Rough & Tumble, TBA, The National Underground, and of course Sullivan Room, his desire to create amazing experiences that energize and connect has made an impact on many timeless nights.

On the production side, as a passionate sound enthusiast, Domingo creates tracks that are detailed, emotional, and fascinating. His third EP “Random Choice Generator” was just released on September 4th – a dark and mysterious excursion featuring strong beats and cosmic hooks, perfect for the dark, gritty underground.

Get to know Domingo Cava & listen to previews from his latest EP below. And be sure tune into his next episode of Sullivan Room Sessions on September 12th @ 12PM EST [convert timezone] – You can always listen anytime / anywhere with a FRISKY Premium Subscription & on FRISKY Mobile Apps so you don’t miss out. As he says, this one is special:

This is the first show of the second season on FRISKY, a very special one.  The show continues to delve deeper into the notion of soundscapes. This one in particular explores the ethereal side of me.

I love how evocative your music is, it brings to mind early mornings in a dark warehouse, and I imagine it’s reminiscent of the experiences you’ve had over the years in the NYC Underground. Could you share some of those moments and how they influenced you?

I have always been intrigued by sounds and their capacity to take you somewhere special. The music, events, people and the NY landscape has been instrumental in my development. Electronic music evolves very quickly, from analog to digital, bands to djs, it is a never-ending journey for me, from dark corridors and long nights to packed festivals and swanky clubs, there is something emotive about all of it and it is ingrained in me.

Early days of raves saw events being held in clandestine places (warehouses, bridges, fields, etc.) then it evolved and went back to clubs (before the NYC club crackdown and after the disco revolution), it is back to clandestine locations and also, back to Brooklyn; Manhattan is no longer a clubbing capital (at least at the moment but it will change again). My experience collecting records and going to parties tells me that people always want, and need, a place to escape and regroup and need music to provide the soundtrack for this journey (which is so special to people). This aspect of the music scene has not changed much, it has only grown, the excitement around events nowadays is enormous. Making music and performing is now bigger than ever and it is very exciting. There is a higher calling in the underground scene that makes New York so special. The character of the music is a mixture of all these changes and the people who nurture it. There are new ways of experience, whether it is a club, warehouse, rooftop or a museum. We all yearn to be moved and inspired through experiences, from the sound to the soul!

Is there anywhere you play at currently that you feel does a great job of capturing that type of energy?

TBA, Cielo and Output do an excellent job in keeping the vibe alive with local and international talent as well as providing great sound systems. Venue/event brands like Sullivan Room captures the energy with pop-up parties at great locations; is far beyond its evolution from venue to brand to culture, all underground.

You really have a definitive musical style that translates through both your mixes and productions, have you always felt that you knew what “your sound” was?

That is a great question. I don’t think any artist can say they knew all along what his or her sound would be like when they started but I can attest that my sound now is very similar to my first records, so it is definitely present. We evolve as artists and only after years of work it is when you are able to freely to express your passion and talent with accuracy and sentiment. There was a lot of trial and error in developing my sound, I’m sure it will continue to morph though it seems like the sound keeps calling.

How do you feel that your own personality is reflected in your music?

I am consumed by curiosity and detail. I deconstruct and re-purpose music and sounds to express some part of me but my primary inclination is to provide sensory stimuli. To me, watching a theme of baroque paintings with some cavernous techno blasting through the speakers is a goal, lol!

What do you feel is your main purpose when you’re behind the decks or in the studio?

To energize and lift people up, to touch their souls, to contribute and associate myself with amazing experiences connecting through intricate settings, sound, lights and taste.

The name and atmosphere of Random Choice Generator is fantastic, I’d love to hear more about the inspiration behind it, or stories about what this EP means to you?

Its my third independent release, and the number three is a bit of a familiar digit in my life. My birthday is on the third of April and I have always been fascinated with the notion of entropy and philosophy. I am always intrigued by how random life is and how the irony to control chaos is just, well, more chaos. To me, in all of it, there are patterns and rhythms that tie into the DNA fabric of ourselves. In electronic music this is a constant battle, enjoyment and concept, the EP has it all.

Is there anything else coming up for you that you’re excited about?

The EP is out now as of 9/4 at most electronic music digital stores. I am playing for the third time at Halcyon The Shop on 9/20, I started djing with vinyl and still collect records so I am looking forward to that. Before the year is over I will be releasing my first vinyl and also working on the itinerary for my first European tour before the winter holidays. Lastly, I will be working with a new venue in Manhattan that is opening this fall (still sshh! more details soon). Check my socials for more info!


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