DJs helping animals (and how you can too)

Lauren Krieger

John Digweed and Danny Howells use their music to help animals in need.

DJs make a difference in our lives with their music, effecting our moods, providing solace or energy, distraction or depth. Many go beyond the music to make a difference in other ways, by supporting charities and using their influence to directly help others. In this case, the others they are helping are those who do not speak our languages, but are vital to the well being of our planet and our own humanity. The animals whose lives are damaged by humans need humans to step up to change their fates, and provide them with the care they deserve. I know there are many other DJs out there who are doing their part to help animals, and I would love if you would share them. Here are two that are using their powers for good, and giving us ways we can help too.

John Digweed & Black Jaguar White Tiger

Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation is an organization that helps animals in a variety of ways. Their 4 main purposes are rescuing animals from bad circumstances (circuses, breeding facilities, etc), raising awareness, working to change laws in order to protect animals, and the future reproduction and reintroduction of wild animals into their natural habitats. The Foundation has rescued and cares for more than 210 big felines including Jaguars, Tigers, Leopards, Lynxes, Lions, Pumas and more, from a life of abuse. They provide the kind of life these animals deserve, while spreading awareness and aiming for a better life for animals everywhere.

Black Jaguar White Tiger was introduced to me by Tini Tun, his good friend Eduardo is the founder of the organization, and a lover of electronic music. The style of their latest merchandise may look familiar to you:4c8cae_461e5223a387467ba81252b218dd5ef7 How cool are these?! The definitive look of Bedrock looks fantastic on these products, and of course in purchasing them you are supporting an excellent cause. Shop around & support them now! Eduardo wrote a beautiful tribute to John Digweed and Music on Instagram, words worth reading more than once:


The Master Of Disaster aka @djjohndigweed is undoubtedly the alive person that I admire the most on this Planet. Even before we became friends many years ago, I used to watch him from the dance floor being completely focused on his Music, evading the chants, applauses and celebrations of the thousands of people in the audience. I guarantee you that his Music, since everything evolves, is the most sophisticated and beautiful music in the history of the Planet, but just like any other real Art, one needs to be trained to understand it. It’s not stupid music. And since we are made of Music, just like @djjohndigweed many years ago said in an interview and I couldn’t agree more with him (Physics says that we are light, not music, but Physics is wrong), the Music that we listen to is a reflection of our state of being. I consider Music to be a sacred thing, and John and Yo-Yo Ma, which I’ve had the pleasure of listening live too for 4 occasions, have got to be the most incredible Musicians on the Planet today. So imagine how honored I am to know that @djjohndigweed supports our Foundation and the T-shirt that he is wearing is a design made by him and #MaloneDesign to support us. We started selling them at Ultra but now they’re available at @boycottcircus Like I always say: Long Live John Digweed. #BlackJaguarWhiteTiger #BJWTunity #Bedrock @djjohndigweed #PapaBearChronicles


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Danny Howells & CALF Sanctuary

Danny Howells has been continuously fundraising for CALF Sanctuary, through auctioning off his amazing GU cover outfit, to offering to DJ a house party, he has been raising money to help them build a new sanctuary after losing the lease on their property. Home to a wide variety of farm animals, CALF provides a safe and loving home where rescued animals can get the care they deserve. Their new sanctuary is especially important for Duke Bullock, a disabled bull who needs around the clock care and special support to help him live comfortably.


$_57The Auction went for £460(!) and helped spread awareness of CALF’s “Duke’s Place Called Home” Fundraiser.

If you missed out on that one, Danny just put up another incredible old-school auction, with John Digweed getting in the mix again:

renaissance“In my attempts to raise some urgently needed cash for Calf Sanctuary, this time around I’m offering, with the full blessing and co-operation of John Digweed, an original 6ft by 4ft Renaissance: The Mix Collection promo poster that is in fantastic condition. Not only that but an original, totally unique Renaissance promo jacket from probably around 1995/96? Both these items are as rare as hen’s teeth, and to make it even better, John has agreed to sign the poster to whoever the winning bidder is. Please take a look and dig deep as these aren’t only amazing items but for an incredible cause too.” BID NOW!

Fortunately they did reach their goal for a down payment, but there’s only a few days left to add to the funds that go directly to building the house this cutie pie and his friends. If you’d like to donate directly, you can do so here:

duke bullock

Seriously! That face!

I really love the mentality of generosity and community that is prevalent in the electronic music world, often extending into caring for the well being of all life. Thank you to John and Danny, and to all those who are making a difference through their music, art, words, and actions – every positive step towards kindness and love does make a difference. Together we can change the world. 🙂

If you’d like to donate, please visit:
Black Jaguar White Tiger
CALF Sanctuary