Diversity and emotion drive the new FRISKY Chill show “Ro” from Zuurb.

Lauren Krieger

Zuurb brings emotional electronica to the FRISKY Chill lineup with new show Ro.

Thomas Adamski, aka Zuurb, has been creating beautiful and diverse mixes for years, defined by their unique blends and emotional journeys. Coming from Berlin, Zuurb knows great electronic music, and shows off his vast catalog of meaningful music in his well thought out and creative mixes. His new show Ro will fit in perfectly with the rest of the FRISKY Chill lineup, covering a wide variety of genres that will keep the listeners intrigued throughout the mix.

Premiering Sunday November 1st at 12PM EST [convert timezone], Ro will be a must listen for all FRISKY Chill fans!

I caught up with Zuurb to get ready for Ro:

What inspired you to begin DJing?

It was mainly a Drum & Bass Sampler from a label called “Moving Shadow”. Their Timecode 1.1 sampler was given to me in school and at that point, I fell in love with Drum & Bass. I enjoyed the transitions in that mix so much and to be able to do the same. So I started to buy vinyls and also started saving money for my Technics 1210 turntables.

What is your favorite thing about electronic music?

Diversity. There is so much good music from so many different genres. So my favorite thing about electronic music is, there is so much good music out there and there is still so many good stuff  coming. I always have these tracks, where I think: “There won’t be anything better than this one right now”. And two weeks later I discover something new and again and again.

How would you describe your style?

Emotional Electronica. Music that touches.

What can listeners looking forward to hearing on your show?

Some of the best and newest music in Ambient, Electronica and Modern Classical.

Sounds good to me! 🙂 Be sure to check out this brand new show on FRISKY Chill, premiering Sunday November 1st @ 12PM EST [convert timezone]

Tune In: Zuurb – Ro