Dive in deep for 16 hours of timeless ADE at Timelapse

Lauren Krieger

Sudbeat, Reworck, and Asymmetric join forces for an epic 16 hours ADE Event

One of the great aspects of ADE is the coming together of like minded collaborators, especially when they bring their global group of representatives with them for an epic 16 hour session. Sudbeat, Reworck and Asymmetric are presenting a special event that will take you from 7PM – 11AM for a full night of intense, beautiful, and time warping experiences.

sudbeatSudbeat is celebrating their upcoming 100th release, coinciding with Timelapse and is set for Oct. 23.  The 100th release is a track by Guy J, and features remixes by the duo of Hernan Cattaneo and Graziano Raffa, and another remix by Henry Saiz.

Reworck recently celebrated the label’s 6 year tumblr_inline_o7l3hrmxbb1syeenc_500anniversary in August and have been promoting the release of their artist Bonaca’s ‘Our Story EP’ which has been doing work on Beatport, making its way to the first spot of Beatport’s Top 20 ‘Must Hear Progressive House’ with its remixes rising on Beatport’s Top 100 Techno and Progressive House charts.

asymmetricrecordingsAsymmetric Recordings just released a new compilation, Transition VA, compiled specifically for the Amsterdam Dance Event 2016.  The label has also had a slew of EP releases in the last two months, Denny Loco releasing his Ramses EP, featured in Beatport’s ‘Latest Releases’ section and Luciano Delgado dropping his Avalon EP.

Together these power house labels are bringing a transformative night to remember.

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Music by
Audio Junkies
Beat Syndrome
Bonaca b2b Boom Merchant
Cid Inc
Danny Lloyd
DJ Zombi
Graziano Raffa
Just Hear b2b VAMOS ART
Marcelo Vasami
Nick Varon
Pole Folder

We caught up with Graziano of SUDBEAT, Lonya of Asymmetric, and Pole Folder of Reworck to learn more about this massive event:

How did the idea for Timelapse begin?

Graziano: After 3 years in a row playing at the annual Sudbeat Showcase in Panama, I started feeling that it would have been amazing to make something more, maybe with a different format, as I noticed that the number of our followers attending ADE was increasing year by year.

My only concern was that doing a party alone would have been complicated for me, for several reasons.

I definitely needed a partner and when, during a chat with Benoit, I realized that he also wanted to make something to push his label Reworck, obviously we said “Why don’t we do it together?”.  We had the same concept in mind and we didn’t disagree on anything since when we started to plan the party. So here we are!

Lonya: At the moment Pole and Graziano were cooking the idea of Timelapse , I was planning Asymmetric night in Club NL as well, but when they invited us to join forces, I felt it fitted like a glove. We share the same vision, collaborate during the years and connecting all our supporters and artists under same roof on one special night has so many advantages.

Pole Folder: I played a few times this year at Club NL Amsterdam, one of the best night was the last one we had there with Jerry Van Schie who passed away sadly a few months after. The club is a great location full of good vibes. When Jiro, the manager, asked me to pick up a slot for the Amsterdam Dance Event, I directly said yes.

Step by step we came to the idea to organize a showcase with my label Reworck and to present some of our artists. During a chat with Graziano about the perspectives at Amsterdam Dance Event we realized that we had the same objectives in mind and we dug the concept of a party with Sudbeat and Reworck as we are connected in a musical and human perspective.

Lonya was also planning a night at the Club NL with his label Asymmetric when he heard about that ongoing project. He then suggested that we work all together to create a full event that would start at 7 PM and would end at 11 AM…And Timelapse was born…

Graziano found the name which is indeed a perfect definition of the concept.

What brought your three labels together? How do you feel they complement each other?

Graziano: Basically the idea started between Ben and myself, of course with the total support of Club NL, but since is known that 3 is the perfect number, I proposed Lonya as a nice add on and Benoit agreed happily. Each of us belong to his own imprint obviously, but we have been cooperating and supporting each other for years. I represent Sudbeat but I released on Asymmetric as well as they represent their labels but are proud members of the Sudbeat family. Actually, if you remember, Pole Folder, Lonya and myself are the ones who mixed the “Sudbeats” volume 2 and 3. So I couldn’t imagine a better matching for this party!

Lonya: I think you can draw many distinct parallels between all 3 of us and this collaboration comes as no surprise. Most of the artists had released on at least 2 of the labels over the years. And as label managers we have a lot of experience and my believe is that while each one is bringing its own sound and style, we will blend it into something truly unexpected.

Pole Folder:

To me, above all, it is a musical and human experience.

So alongside a similar approach of music we will be able to present the diversity of our genres and to showcase different talents somehow all connected.

During that night, people will be able to discuss together, listen to different artists, meet with colleagues, party with old and new friends. Nowadays we are all connected with tools like Facebook, Twitter … but nothing can replace the direct contact in real life.

Did you have any specific goals in mind when building this lineup?

Graziano: Officially we didn’t talk about goals. We had maximum freedom in selecting the artists to bring in. Of course is implied that the main goal is to have cutting edge music and good mixes for 16 hours, but if I look at the lineup I have no doubts that this mission will be accomplished!

Lonya: Every artist on the night has his special something and different style, and the way the line up is built will make it shine though and build a slowly evolving 16 hour journey.

Pole Folder: For me the most important thing was to present everyone in an equal way, newcomers and confirmed talents on the same level. Graziano, who knows personally most of the artists, finalized the details to keep a crescendo energy through the night.

What is the longest show you’ve played at or attended? Who do you think will last the longest at Timelapse? 😉

Graziano: Usually in the clubs I play between 2 and 4 hours, but it happened that I played in some private party for 8/9 hours. And I attended some 12 hours party, but I was much younger 🙂 Last man standing at Timelapse? I think there will be more than one…people like Marcelo Vasami, Lonya or Dj Zombi are hard to send to sleep! We’ll see…

Lonya: I’m used to playing very long sets, over the years 7- 8 shows very pretty common things, but a 16 hour marathon this time will be interesting to manage, and I’m ready for the challenge, especially that I know that we’ll have each others back!

Pole Folder: My longest performance was probably of about 8hours, I think in Woodstock 69 a couple of years ago.  Now as a clubber in Belgium, that’s another story! Back in the days we were going out from Wednesday till Monday with an insane short sleep time every 2-3 days…

Now back in the days, as a clubber in Belgium…that’s another story, it was not a matter of hours but of days  Back then we would go out from Wednesdays till Monday with an insane rhythm of a few hours of sleep every now and then 😉

I’m not sure who will stay till the end but I guess that the list of candidates is pretty long. As far as I am concerned, I’ll be there most of the night definitely.

If there is one thing that you would like your audience walking away feeling after attending Timelapse, what would it be?

Graziano: I’d like to see them smiling and going home wondering how long will be the next edition 🙂

Lonya: That the music can connect people and organisations if it delivered and prepared with true passion, dedication, respect to each other and about all love!

Pole Folder: I wish for this event to be a great musical and human experience. An opportunity for the audience to discover new artists, listen to the ones they already knew but maybe live for the first time…
Our sets will be short but it will be a good introduction to the essence of our styles, keeping in mind that we usually play 3-4 times longer.

For 16 hours it will only be about music and connecting people.