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Lauren Krieger

TLDR: Nadia Struiwigh gets us ready for her Artist of the Week mix

Nadia Struiwigh lets the music speak for itself, guiding listeners deep through beautiful, melodic, and emotive sounds.  She creates dreamworlds from electronic music, building stories and crafting experiences through her productions and mixes. With inspirations from a variety of artistic influences, she finds a unique blend of soulful techno that moves the mind and body, inside and out. It is music that comes straight from her heart, providing an invitation to dive into her world and discover something new with every listen. Find out just what that world sounds like with her exclusive Artist of the Week mix on FRISKY, airing Tuesday January 12 at 2PM EST [convert timezone]. Read on to learn more:


What was your first experience with electronic music like?

Ha, actually, that is a pretty hard question for me already ;-)! There were many stages already in my life where different kinds of electronic music were involved.

When I was really young, my dad and my mom listened to a lot of new age sounds, and I grew up with the Beegees, Dire Straights, The Eagles, Toto, Plink Floyd and stuff like that. My mom always listened to a lot of folky music like Enya. So I already knew that music was something important to my life, but not sure in which way. So I got older (like 18/19), experienced a lot of different kind of music, met a lot of people, I finally made the decision to dig into the music, and find the history behind it and collected a lot of tracks. At the same time I started to produce my own stuff. It was a good distraction for my brain, and in a way it is a medicine for me if I am in some down or really up periods.

What are a few of your favorite tracks right now?

There are many nice tracks for me! It depends on my mood. But I am really into stuff like Boards of Canada, Tycho, Rival Consoles, SINNER DC and lately I discovered a great album of Ralf Hildenbeutel – Moods, which is totally awesome.

What has been your favorite experience as a DJ so far?

It must have been my first gig abroad, in Bologna. I was pretty young, I guess at the age of 20 or some.. they discovered me via SoundCloud, which was the best booming platform for music by then. For me it was totally new to be abroad, and the people were like of my age, and they were super creative/ kind and nice. I think I am on my best in creative surroundings. The crowd was cool, and the organisation brought me back to the hotel on a scooter with a small sight seeing. Love Bologna. In Holland were I live it is Lab-1. Also a creative organisation which is always hunting for awesome places to give parties. I can just be totally myself, it is cool.

How would you describe your music in one sentence?­­

I could write a whole book about it I guess haha. But I believe, my music is showing different quality perspectives of other times and places in a range of the Electronica and Techno scene with a lot of soul.

Thank you Nadia! I’m really looking forward to hearing more!

Be sure to tune in Tuesday January 12th at 2PM EST [convert timezone] and take a trip with Nadia Struiwigh!

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