Find Yourself inFLOWMOTION with DepGlobe

Lauren Krieger

Get to know DepGlobe before the premiere of inFLOWMOTION on FRISKY

Exemplifying the essence of Progressive House, DepGlobe’s sets are carefully crafted to create smoothly flowing, seamlessly connecting journeys. His inspiration at an early age, and in the early days of electronic music, has led to decades of deep love for the music, and years of experience that have given him a great depth of knowledge and know-how.

Blending genres while keeping the Progressive feel alive, DepGlobe’s mixes are filled with melody and lightness while getting techy and dark when the time is right. His mix CDs released from 1998 – 2003: ClubSession 1-7, GlobalTrance 1-6, and Massive Progressive Series 1-6 reflect the variety of styles that have captured his attention throughout the years, and give a hint into the driving forces behind his sound.

His new 2 hour show inFLOWMOTION will feature DepGlobe’s passion for Progressive, showcasing the importance of movement, and the emotional coaster of dreamy soundscapes that inspire you to enjoy the ride. He will also be inviting select guest DJs on the show, who represent the spirit of being in the FLOW.

Tune into the premiere on September 26th @ 2PM EST [convert timezone] or listen anytime / anywhere after with a FRISKY Premium Subscription & FRISKY Mobile Apps.

Get to know DepGlobe before it begins:

What was your first electronic music experience like?

Well, the age of 14 back in 1980 I was sucked into a live radio broadcast of Depeche Mode. From that moment on I was hooked to Depeche Mode and New Order but especially the dance-remixes of most tracks these bands. Later on in 1983, the first continuously mix of dance-tracks on the radio was born in The Netherlands by Mr. Ben Liebrand. That made me wanna mix as well. But it took another 15 years to make up my mind and go for Progressive House music only.

Has your perspective on the music changed since you first began?

Oh yes. 20 years ago I played uptempo Progressive and Trance, so 128BPM and up. These days I only play between 114BPM and 125BPM depending on the event and time of the day. But I will never lose my interest when a track with an amazing groove comes along. And that can be Deep House, Progressive, Melodic House, and Techno. But I never try to play total set in a genre I’m not familiar with.

What do you think are the most important roles of a DJ?

Well, to be honest, I do what I do. I prepare all my sets from beginning to end keeping in mind the event, the audience and the time when my gig starts and ends. When I play I don’t change my playlist anymore and this works very well for me. Only with a good preparation, I can make a very good set with a very good flow. That’s the reason my show is called “inFLOWMOTION” since it is my intention to take my audience on a dreamy trip on the dancefloor. Compare it with a concert by a band, you go there and the band performs their playlist and they really won’t change that when people start asking for a special song … So I don’t do that either and play only what I like. That might also result in a set where I don’t use the most recent dance tracks since I believe that my audience isn’t always aware of what is new and what isn’t and for me it gives me the freedom to use older tracks as well to get things flowing instead of a forced use of brand new tracks.

What is it that drives or motivates you as a DJ today?

My drive is the feedback I get from my fans; every now and then people send me a message from where ever they are in the world letting me know that they are enjoying my sets … when I play in The Netherlands it often occurs that my audience comes up to me and start talking in English. When they find out I am a Dutch guy they are amazed by that info only already. I take that as a compliment.

Do you have any favorite moments in your career that exemplify what you love about this music?

I have a lot of memorable moments when playing Progressive House music but three moments remain very special to me. Back in 2017, I did a set in a club in Amsterdam. My mother passed away only one week before my show so I started my set, not with a dance track but a very special one for me. During my set, I played some emotional Progressive House tracks as well and I had to fight against some tears. The second memorable moment was in Italia when I started playing from 2 PM till 8 PM under the stars with only friends. And the third moment was also in 2017 when I played continuously more than 7 hours without any break in Southampton in the UK.

Can you share some of your thoughts on your new show inFlowmotion? What can listeners expect?

This year I did 2 very long sets of 5 hours and these where called “LovePotion inFLOWMOTION” You could divide each set into two parts; one as a warm-up part and one as the main set. So actually you get everything in one show. But since my inFLOWMOTION show will last for 2 hours only you will get to listen to warm-up sets and main sets; in my opinion, you can’t do this in a 2-hour show. Also in the near future, I will invite some unknown and well-known DJ’s. So stay tuned!

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