A Day in the Life of Ryan Sullivan

Lauren Krieger

TLDR: Ryan Sullivan gives us a glimpse of his life in Muizenberg, South Africa

Ryan Sullivan has been producing and playing thoughtful, creative, and top quality electronic music since the late nineties. His passion and skill has given him recognition from peers and fans alike, as a stellar producer creating internationally supported tracks, and as a DJ playing major festivals in South Africa and Europe. His label Triplefire Music provides another avenue for his impact on the industry, with a strong set of releases covering a variety of deep, tech, and progressive genres, and a FRISKY show that is always bringing a unique and exceptional sound to the radio. Beyond his accomplishments in the dance music world, Ryan has also composed for film and television, mixed and mastered for many professional artists, and has taught audio classes at the esteemed SAE.

With a busy schedule and beautiful surroundings, Ryan Sullivan takes us through a day in his life:
Cape Town from planeI live in a beautiful suburb called Muizenberg on the Southern peninsula in Cape Town. In the mornings, I wake up to the sound of the ocean in the distance and often, some Egyptian Geese will make enough noise to alert me just before my alarm goes off.

Muizenberg 1The first thing I do is reach for my phone to quickly filter through emails and messages, sorting through them in order of importance and deleting spam. I then grab my laptop and check up on my social networks and more emails for a few minutes while filling my phone with demos, promos and live sets for the day as well as listening back to any music projects I’m currently working on to see how I’m feeling about them with fresh ears.

I like to get the online work out of the way first thing in the morning as it prevents me from getting trapped browsing the web mindlessly throughout the day. Checking up on any incomplete music projects is also something I like to do early in the morning while my mind and ears are fresh.
Often I’ll let my dog Dixon in the room to wrestle a bit before getting ready for the day. He’s not named after the famous house artist but they’re both equally as cool.

My crazy dog DixonI’ll get ready to face the day and have a fresh juice for breakfast, my favourite being apple, carrot, beetroot and ginger. Dixon loves chopped up carrots too so it’s a win for us both.

Drive to work 1

After sorting out a few everyday chores around the house, I’ll start heading to my day job in Cape Town CBD. It’s about a 40-minute drive with beautiful views of the mountains and gives me some time to listen to music, podcasts or checkout some demos in the car.Drive to work 2

Before arriving at work, I’ll head to my favourite coffee spot to get my caffeine fix for the day. I have an amazing job as the head sound engineer for Red Bull Studios Cape Town, so every day I get to work Red Bull Studios Cape Townin studio with some incredible bands, vocalist and instrumentalists for the day and we always teach each other a few tricks along the way, which inspires me for my own music.

Midway through the day, I’ll grab lunch from a nearby café. Cape Town offers amazing food around the city as we cater for a large tourist market here.

Most days I’ll stay at work a bit late to work on my own music while I’m still in creative mode before making my way home again, continuing to go through music or podcasts where I left off in the car from the morning.

EstuaryWhen I get home, my girlfriend and I take Dixon for a walk or a run in the nearby nature reserve and estuary or on the beach and recently I’ve started to squeeze in a surf where I can. The ocean is a 10-minute walk away from home and I’ve been promising myself a surf since I moved from Johannesburg to Cape Town in 2009! Talk about late delivery but I finally fulfilled that promise recently and now I’m hooked.

Muizenberg Beach HutsThen, we’ll get home and make a delicious meal before catching up with social media and emails again, sorting through the label work for Triplefire Music. I then take some more time out to work on my productions or sort through my music for the weekend’s gigs.

On a Saturday and Sunday, if gigs allow, I love to wake up early to work in my home studio before visiting markets to find some delicious food and enjoy a couple of home brewed beers with friends. A drive along the coast or to wine farms is also a great way to enjoy the outdoors on weekends, otherwise I love to run around on the beach or go surf.

Simons Town HarbourWe have a huge braai (grill/barbeque) culture in South Africa, so spending time with friends around the braai on a weekend is always time well enjoyed. In fact, our heritage day here is also known as braai day, it’s that big a thing.

Signal Hill SunsetI like to alternate my evenings by working on music, doing online work and relaxing on different evenings before heading to bed to the sound of the ocean and frogs. I definitely have a set routine but at the same time, no two days are the same which keeps me very happy in my life.

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