A Day in the Life of MUUI

Lauren Krieger

TLDR: MUUI takes us for an exclusive look at his life in Berlin, through his own words & photos.

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Join us for the premiere article: A Day in the Life of MUUI

A Day in the Life MUUI 001Some Background on MUUI…

MUUI is unique and versatile, with an uninhabited approach to music that has firmly put him at the forefront of a new breed of artists who continually innovate with true artistic flair and conviction. His music has been supported by techno and house giants the likes of Marco Carola, Nicole Moudaber, Laurent Garnier, Sasha, Guy J, Secret Cinema, Eelke Kleijn, Hernan Cattaneo and many more, whilst his hybrid of synth-laced industrial techno to melancholic house has been featured in the smoke and strobe lights of clubs from Russia to Brazil, South Korea to Amsterdam, Sydney to Berlin.

In developing his own ideas, and with a passionate command over his own sound and artistic direction, MUUI created his own brand at the start of 2014, a digital/limited 12” vinyl imprint ‘Paranoid Dancer’. His definitive and concentrated passion lies deep within, ensuring that each release and artistic collaboration offers up something not only unique but highly personal, and acts as his incubator of artistic ideas and continual inspiration.

A Day in the Life MUUI 006MUUI has spent the last 12 months focusing on a live performance that has recently been featured in some of Berlin’s top clubs, and is an experience of balanced harmonies & minimalist combinations with classical complexity. With his trajectory continually rising and his lust to cover new ground coupled with his fascination to experiment with technology both old and new, MUUI has put a heavy focus on not only live performance but original works. MUUI will release a live mix artist album on Berlin based label Crossfrontier Audio in 2014 with selected singles to follow, and 2015 will see a similar project released on his own imprint. His FRISKY Radio show “Paranoid Grooves” will be featuring some of the latest tracks in his sphere, flowing along with MUUI as he continues to grow.

With all this going on, what does an average day look like for MUUI? Let’s let him take us there:

A Day in the Life MUUI 007

The neighborhood I live in has lots of cafes, restaurants, interesting surroundings and is super close to Berlin’s best clubs.

On a typical day when I wake up I’ll venture out for a coffee and some food at one of my fav cafe’s armed with my laptop to search for some interesting music, go through my emails, tend to any admin things for my label and reconnect with friends.

A Day in the Life MUUI 008A Day in the Life MUUI 020

Before starting any studio work I usually like to go to the gym and then stop by the fruit markets to get some fresh fruits and vegetables to eat later that day. I try to stay as healthy as possible; trying to eat a adayinthelife_MUUI_017_keepingfitvegan diet, go to the gym each day and every other day I’ll load up my iPod with a new podcast and go for a long run and sometimes a bikhram yoga class.

This time when I am too busy catching my breath to think is often the time when clarity comes to me on what ideas or projects I will work on that day alongside a rush of positive energy and my day really starts from then on.


The majority of my day is spent being creative; making music, experimenting with ideas and new and old equipment alike.

A Day in the Life MUUI 013

Each day I have some objectives and always work with the ethos to just have fun. Working in a live flow environment its never a mundane day recording in live takes, it gives me a ton of audio to work with, most of which I don’t tend to edit so much leaving parts very rough and organic as they were recorded.

A Day in the Life MUUI 012

Between this I always take some time out on my mobile to have a laugh and stay in contact with friends.  If I am ever getting frustrated or stuck on some ideas or things are just not working out the way I would like I just leave and go for a walk just to reset my thinking.

A Day in the Life MUUI 011

I like to head out again anyway after a long session to get some fresh air, maybe meet up with friends for a coffee or meal and being new in town I’m still enjoying to meet with many new people like photographers, visual artists and other artists to work with or simply have a laugh and share stories.

A Day in the Life MUUI 019

A Day in the Life MUUI 018

I’ll spend some more time after this working again and depending on what gigs I have coming up I might also spend some time sorting my music or plugging in some equipment and testing all that I want to take with me.

Even if I am playing a DJ set I like to take gear with me so that I can add live elements to my set.

Depending what day is it I might pop out to see a friend play or a live act/artist I want to see play and that could be any day from a Saturday to a Tuesday. My fav clubs here to visit are Berghain, Tresor and Sisyphous.
A Day in the Life MUU 014

Many thanks to MUUI for giving us a glimpse into his life! Check out his promotional video below, and be sure to tune into Paranoid Grooves on FRISKY Radio.

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