Dave Seaman Joins friskyRadio with Radio Therapy


friskyRadio is excited to welcome a true pioneer among its ranks with a monthly exclusive show. Dave Seaman, an industry veteran and all-round rock star in every sense of the word launches Radio Therapy every month exclusively on the world’s premier online radio for dance music: friskyRadio.

There aren’t many artists who’s sound tracked the birth of dance music and are still leading its development more than two decades later. Dave Seaman is one of the few that still leads in this regard and sells out everywhere he plays around the world at any given weekend. Radio Therapy in Dave’s own words:

“If I had a grain of rice for every time I’ve been approached to do a radio show over the years I’d probably be able to make you a risotto”, said Dave “but it’s never really felt right until now. Finally I think we’re in a position to deliver a consistently exciting and relevant programme that will cover a broad selection of electronic club music. Needless to say, I’m very excited.”

Dave’s in good company at friskyRadio. With industry leaders like Nick Warren & HYBRID already hosting monthly residencies, Dave Seaman is sure to continue to rock audiences all over the world that tune into friskyRadio each and every day.

Please join us in welcoming Dave to friskyRadio and catch the debut broadcast of Radio Therapy Tuesday August 17 starting at 01PM Los Angeles (04PM New York | 2100 London | Click for world time).