Discover the Deep Stories of Darper on Electric Fiction

Lauren Krieger

Darper brings Electric Fiction to DEEP

From London to New York, Berlin to Burning Man, Darper has been continuously weaving his distinctive musical messages to audiences around the world through his productions and DJ sets. With a style of his own, Darper blends a variety of genres, giving the music his own unique sound and feel. Forging electronica, deep house, techno, and anything that has the right vibes, into a cohesive journey, he creates story lines that perfectly represent the concept of “Electric Fiction”. Premiering December 25th @ 12PM EST [convert timezone] Electric Fiction will be a showcasing all the levels that Darper has to express.

Get ready by listening to his Artist of the Week set, and read on to learn more:

When did you first discover your connection with the music?

I was brought up on a pretty solid stream of Psychedelic and Progressive Rock from my Dad’s record collection and got very into it back then. I transitioned into grunge, then into big beat, house, breakbeat and electro with a bit of help from my brother’s Chemical Brothers and Prodigy tapes. After a few months spent in a commune up a mountain in Spain, where they had these amazing all night parties with DJs and a load of speakers wired up to car batteries, and a few raves here and there in the UK, the general sense of tribal connection between everyone and the music clicked with me. Electronica also seemed so unrestrictive compared to the stale rock n roll formula and sounds I was used to because of the endless possibilities.

What have been some of your favorite moments in your music career?

DJing on the Disco Space Shuttle at Burning Man in 2015 was definitely a really cool moment, we were driving around the playa for a few hours at night with our pretty substantial crew following on bikes and raving all over the spaceship along with a load of other new faces. I can close my eyes and go back to that moment really easily – which is not normal because my memory isn’t usually so good!. Another great moment was DJing at a festival in Germany on an abandoned fort – its dance floor was surrounded by huge trees with these amazing projections and seemed to create an almost other worldly scene – plus my crew were there in full raving force too. Playing music outside always creates a good vibe.

What do you love most about what you do?

I especially love DJing and the satisfaction of putting sets and mixes together that create some kind of (hopefully!) cohesive journey, soundtrack and mood to whoever is listening – music I love has such a positive effect on my frame of mind and life so hopefully I’m moving that effect forward.

How would you describe the style and sound of Darper?

It’s a mix of loads of things really – electronica, techno, deep house, downtempo, breakbeat etc – I’m not so good with genres, honestly. Generally I like music with organic textures and sounds with an emotive and melodic tip. I find so much electronic music super repetitive, non-committal and forgettable so it’s hard to find something in-between that and the garish stuff sometimes – but I am on the hunt all the time for those gems.

What is your mission with Electric Fiction?

To create an evolving consistent soundtrack, whilst also involving other DJs that I love and really believe in. Eventually, I hope to start doing events and possibly a label in the future.

Electric Fiction premieres December 25th @ 12PM EST [convert timezone] on DEEP. Tune in live or listen on-demand anytime online or on the FRISKY Apps.

Electric Fiction