The Love of Discovery with Darlyn Vlys

Lauren Krieger

Whether discovering new flavors, cultures, or sounds, Darlyn Vlys is always open to experimenting with what’s different and new.

Inspired by a variety of artistic influences, the music of Darlyn Vlys offers distinctive atmospheres that go beyond sound. Managing to capture both nostalgic and futuristic essences within his tracks, his experimental and stylistic approach creates electronic music that grabs your attention through sharp elements and cinematic moods. Darlyn’s visceral voice has been in demand around the industry, with releases on labels like Get Physical, Upon You, Suara, and My Favorite Robot, with plays by a range of wide reaching DJs including John Digweed, Maceo Plex, Sasha, Loco Dice, Dubfire, and Monika Kruse.

Using an emotionally invested approach to his music, Darlyn Vlys’ first album release is full of deeply moving tracks that showcase his range of styles and vibes. “Written within the parameters of a sci-fi film with a good dose of realism, drama and romanticism”, Prince in the Rain is designed to capture your senses and encourage you to surrender. Released on the renowned label Sincopat, it contains 12 tracks that take you across vast emotive soundscapes, from organic house to deep techno, shoegaze, and electronica. Sincopat also released Prince in the Rain Remixed, featuring remixes from artists like Third Son, Affkt, Marc DePulse, Chaim, and more.

Darlyn’s passion for life, family, and art, are reflected in his music, and it’s exciting to think of all that is on the horizon. It was a pleasure to have a quick chat to learn more about himself as an artist and father.

What are you most passionate or excited about lately?

My twins, we just have celebrated their first year. They drain my energy but I am feeling very lucky to see them grow up. It’s something very special, they inspired me a lot during the album process.

Is there a particular part of your work with music that you enjoy the most?

I like to travel and I enjoy discovering new cultures, meeting new people. I guess, the DJs have the chance to learn something new every weekend!

What about the least enjoyable part of the music industry?

The interminable flights delayed are without any doubt the least enjoyable parts on the music industry! Several times I had to cancel my gig because I found myself blocked in an airport terminal.

As an artist with eclectic tastes, do you find that there are particular sounds that you especially love to create or play around with?

Indeed, I really enjoy writing music using synthesizers like The Prophet 8, the Juno 06 or the Ob6. During the process of recording I usually add on the main sound the reverb pedal ‘Big Sky’ from Strymon.

It’s the perfect combo to find this eclectic direction I want to take.

Do you feel that there are certain emotions that your music most often represents?

The development of my tracks are always taking different ways, but I usually try to make them especially recording emotive voices and often as often as possible I love to experiment new synths and technology.

Do you need to be in that mode or mood to create?

Absolutely, the place and the mood are very important to write music and let’s me talk my emotions. But many times when nothing happens I try to disconnect of the studio for some weeks, and suddenly the flows come out.

I read that you have a great passion for film. Are there connections which intertwine these two passions?

In fact, Cine and music have a big part in my life, both of them are complementary. It’s not a coincidence if you detect on my first album this cinematic touch. Having worked and studied cinema in France contributed a lot to connect these two passions! Some persons compared ‘Prince in the Rain’ to a soundtrack!

Was there a moment in your artistic career where you felt that you really had “found your sound”? What was that experience like, and is there anything that you would suggest to new producers who may be struggling to develop their own unique voice?

From the very beginning my music style evolved a lot, moving from the deep house until driving to the techno, but I guess my sound reach the maturity with my album, which I wanted to experiment other side of Darlyn Vlys. Definitely it’s not an album for dancing but we still can feel on it my influences and my footprint.

About the tips to the new producers, I could suggest to make something truly original and not emulating someone else.

What are you most proud of accomplishing with your music, and your life?

My first ever album ‘Prince in the Rain’ edited on Sincopat, it was a great challenge and a big experience! And being father of three wonderful kids!

If you could be known as one thing as an artist, what would you want that to be?

I would want to be a top starred chef, I am an epicurean by nature and in my spare time I take the time to cook, to discover new flavours.

Photography by: Vincent Vandries

It certainly seems fitting that Darlyn’s desire to discover new flavors and cultures coincides with his desire to create new sounds, resulting in unique mixes and blends that have never been experienced before. An artist to keep in our vision, with a wide open future to behold.