Dale Middleton launches Tarnished Tracks to release music with no boundaries

Lauren Krieger

TLDR: Dale Middleton discusses his brand new label Tarnished Tracks

Launching a new label requires a lot of planning, time, connection, and dedication, and Dale Middleton is ready to take that all on with the launch of Tarnished Tracks. His experience in the industry, as a touring DJ, and with many impressive releases on labels such as Sudbeat, Parquet, Plattenbank, SexOnWax, Perspectives, and more, provides the necessary groundwork for building a successful record label from the bottom up. His distinctive style and tastes, industry connections, and never ending passion for the music means that Tarnished Tracks is definitely going to be a label to keep an ear tuned into.

Dale Middleton takes us behind the scenes of this new venture & exciting addition to the underground electronic music world:


How did the idea of Tarnished Tracks come about? Was it a long process or a sudden inspiration?

It’s something I have been thinking about for a long time. I have always wanted to run my own label, to create a platform not only to showcase my own music, but also producers and friends who’s music I love.

One of the main things I’m known for as a producer is my melodic and techno sounds, I had noticed that some labels would only sign melodic and others only techno, I wanted to create a label that could release both sounds, with no boundaries. I think we have achieved that in the first EP ‘TT01’ with the tracks ‘Tarnished’ and ‘Assonance’.

How would you describe the label in one sentence?

Tarnished Tracks is quality underground music that knows no boundaries.

One word?


What are you looking forward to most with running your own label?

I’m mostly looking forward to having a home for my own productions, as well as supporting Tarnished artists from around the world. It’s also going to be great to see further support and feedback on future releases; having already received support from some huge names on just our first release, we hope this is just a taste of what is to come.

What do you think will be the greatest challenges?

There are a lot of labels out there pumping out quality music, so one of the main challenges we face is to establish the label, whilst making it stand out from the crowd. We hope to achieve this based on the quality of our releases and by letting the music talk for itself.

What is the most important goal of Tarnished Tracks?

It may sound cliché, but to be honest it is purely to release good music. We haven’t set a strict release schedule, so will only release when we feel we have the music that suits Tarnished Tracks.

What can we expect in the next coming months?

The first EP ‘TT01’ including two original tracks from me, ‘Tarnished’ and ‘Assonance’ was released on Monday 9th November 2015. (Purchase here!) Following this we have some great music lined up for TT02 and TT03, from Jamie Stevens and Pedro Aguiar. So there really is some very exciting times ahead!

Indeed! I’m excited to hear what’s next!

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