Company is Family Explores the DEEP on Sounds & Haptics

Lauren Krieger

Mark McEvoy aka Company is Family is deeply embedded in the underground electronic music culture, his perspective developed through years of diverse influences and experiences in the Liverpool scene. Driven by a desire to create something distinctive, he has been producing his own style that blends “a range of deep dubby techno, linear house grooves and reductionist vibes” with releases on Tenampa Records, New Violence Records, 3B Records Vinyl and his own Oscillate Records. With an aim to produce and share electronic music that goes beyond the ordinary and truly brings listeners something special, Company is Family is not afraid to explore the depths of the underground. His new show on DEEP will be showcasing this experimental side of electronic music, and each episode is sure to bring something fresh to trigger your senses.

Catch the premiere of Sounds & Haptics live on September 6th at 12PM EST [convert timezone] on the DEEP channel, or listen on-demand anytime after with FRISKY Premium & on FRISKY Mobile Apps.

Learn more as we get ready to go DEEP with Company is Family:

How did you first get into electronic music?

It was 1995 and I was 11 years old. My older brother bought a copy of Cream Anthems, mixed by David Morales and Paul Bleasedale. It was the Backroom mix by Paul which blew me away. Tracks by Bassheads, Jump and Slam sucked me right in…

Who were some of your early inspirations? Who inspires you today?

I’ve been and still get inspired by different artists for different things. DJ wise it’s the Innervisions guys – I’ve been a big fan for years and their style and ability is second to none. I’ve even been fortunate to play with Âme a couple of times back from when I was promoting events in Liverpool.

I could list 100’s of artists who inspire me today but it’s the likes of Trikk, Acid Pauli, Denis Horvat and Satori who are my biggest current inspirations. In my opinion their sound is the future of deeper house music. Closer to home it’s Skyland Mountain & Steve Parry. Both are forces to be reckoned with.

What do you enjoy most about working with music?

I’d have to say the way it makes you think and creativity it generates within others. It promotes and withdraws feelings easier than other art forms

What are your greatest motivations when it comes to production and DJing?

I look forward to peoples reactions, whether they be positive or negative. Both make you a better artist

What do you hope people experience when they listen to your music?

It would be nice to think it could be a time for people to escape mentally, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

I’d love to hear more about the story behind the names “Company is Family” and “Sounds & Haptics” – where did those ideas come from?

I spend a lot of time with family and friends who have always inspired me in various ways. A lot this went in to my music production throughout the years so that’s where the name came from.

Sounds & Haptics is fitting for the show because I’m hoping people hear something different. Not just a soulless bog standard DJ set.

What can listeners expect to hear on Sounds & Haptics?

Expect to hear sets that gradually build and hypnotise. The launch includes a mixture of my favourites throughout the years and moves around the deeper sub genres of house & techno. I’ll be including a lot of my own music and the music from the label on the future shows.

Sounds & Haptics premieres on September 6th at 12PM EST [convert timezone] on the DEEP channel. Tune in live or listen on-demand anytime after with FRISKY Premium & on FRISKY Mobile Apps.

Company is Family – Sounds & Haptics