Explore the levels of Coccolino Deep on its FRISKY DEEP premiere

Lauren Krieger

Coccolino Deep debuts its diverse emotional sounds on FRISKY DEEP

FRISKY DEEP gets ready to kick off a full lineup of new shows, perfectly tailored to fit the essence of DEEP: “the kind of sound that dares to take risks and be different.” Starting on Thursday June 2nd, we will be launching one of the brand new FRISKY DEEP shows: Coccolino Deep. Hosted by Vittorio Masiero, an Italian DJ and Percussionist, Coccolino Deep is all about discovering and mixing a variety of emotion producing sounds. From melancholic atmospheres to seductive sounds to soothing tones, his mixes are designed for the meditative listener who likes their music to take them through a multitude of experiences.

With a dedicated following of devoted listeners, Coccolino Deep will be broadcasting to a global reach of new fans with the launch on FRISKY DEEP.  Tune in to the premiere on June 2nd at 4PM EST [convert timezone] and join the others who have discovered the “musical world where love, dark, dreaming, and creativity are endless.”

Let the sound live in your heart, harvesting every last memory of dance and rhythm.