Deepersense Music: Connecting Old-School Roots with Fresh New Sounds

Lauren Krieger

Dive into Deepersense and explore CJ Art’s unique perspective on Progressive.

After hearing the beautiful Anton Maiko – Luna (Enlusion Remix) from Deepersense Music on CJ Art’s Spectrum episode, I wanted to reach out to learn more about his label, and to discover all that was happening in his world. With a distinctive sound that has stayed consistent to its origins, one which blends classic vibes with present styles, CJ Art’s Deepersense Music has continued to grow beyond its local roots to truly make a global impact. Featuring artists like Christian Monique, Mlab, Alex Vidal, Rick Pier ‘O Neil, MathOv, and CJ Art himself, the label is a beautiful representation of the spirit of Progressive.

With so much on the horizon for this young label, CJ Art takes us behind the scenes and into the future of his unique perspective on the underground:

What is new and exciting in your world these days?

Indeed really exciting time right now! There are lots of events and projects that me and my dear team mates are involved in. Year 2018 is going to be full of work, but that’s good! Recently, every free moment I try to dedicate to complete my music projects, especially “Ancient Spirits” album, which is going to be released this year on Deepersense Music. There will be version with original tracks and special remixed edition with fantastic re-interpretations prepared by such great artists like Rick Pier O’Neil, Christian Monique, Pavlin Petrov, Graham Lloris, Valu Rios, Forest Weed & more!

For a few months I’ve had the inner feeling that the progressive scene is going in the right direction again. That‘s of course matter of taste, but as a huge fan of deep, underground and hypnotic side of music, I’m really happy that the fan base of this kind of sounds is gradually growing worldwide 🙂

How would you describe the Deepersense mission?

At first was local music forum for people sharing the same passion to electronic music. Soon it turned also into group of close friends DJ-ing and organizing parties together. Idea of creating the label has been sprouting in my head for many, many years. In the beginning of 2016 I’ve thought it’s the perfect time to turn the dream into reality and that‘s how Deepersense Music was born. 🙂 The label is dedicated to underground, deep, atmospheric, melodic and mystical sounds often with tribal beats, vibrant rhythms, addictive grooves & mysterious melodies. You may feel the old-school soul and deep connection to the roots, but with the fresh ideas and sound design at the same time. It’s also passion for electronic sounds moving not only the body but also soul and imagination, affecting the most sensitive mental areas at the same time. I hope that all 15 releases (so far) with music composed by super talented artists from all over the world are the best prove of the label ethos. 🙂

What has been the best part of running the label?

The Deepersense Music label was founded to share and promote new music, discover and support upcoming talented artists as much as already well established names. I’ve been receiving lots of amazing underground tracks from befriended artists since a long, long time. Honestly, I felt that sending positive feedbacks, supporting them in my sets or making a special remix was still not enough. Many artists have a really big problem to find a proper place for their compositions in the commercialized music world. There is so much pressure on the producers, how their music is supposed to sound to reach the imaginary top of the charts etc. Usually after some time underground artists simply switch to trends or give up and leave the scene. Fortunately some of them still try to stay true to themselves. Creating a platform for such talented and unique artists is really challenging, but a huge pleasure at the same time!

What has been the most challenging part?

As I’ve mentioned before, creating a label for underground artists is really challenging, but in a good way. I try to do my best and take care of almost every field since the start: visual, conceptual, musical, promotional. What is most important IMHO is to keep personal contact with every cooperating artist.

I also try to do my best by supporting Deepersense Music releases and artists in radio shows, live gigs, by organizing proper underground parties to get the music to the right group of listeners interested in that proper, deep underground sound. Fortunately, Deepersense Music has a solid fan base already. Futhermore, the label is focused exactly on the type of sounds which me and my Deepersense fellowship love to play, so I can’t imagine better way to support artists involved in this project. There’s also big support from great names on the underground scene, like John 00 Fleming, Desert Dwellers, Rick Pier O’Neil, Basil O’Glue, Frangellico, Matteo Monero, Paul Kwitek, Manu Riga, Matt Holiday & many, many more great DJs from all over the world.

What are your Deepersense events like?

There were several Deepersense Music parties so far and all went really great. A few weeks ago we made our Deepersense team 8th birthday party in Kraków (Poland). Special guest of this event was awesome producer from Israel – Mindwave. He is also on Deepersense Music catalogue under his real name Anton Maiko, project dedicated to deep progressive sounds. Soon the daylight will see his “Luna” release and we were super glad to have Anton played his debut Live set of this project on our party. The party was sold out around midnight, so that’s probably a really good sign for us. With our events we try our best to create some kind of a bridge between different music worlds with proper music progression. Progressive, psychedelic, techno, downtempo, world music, well matched soundsystem, decorations, art installations, delicious food, everything properly arranged creates unique atmosphere on Deepersense parties. 🙂 Years of hard work, dedication to deep underground electronic music and collaborations with befriended teams in different parts of Poland gives us a chance to keep fans of that kind of sounds and atmosphere really pleased. On 17th March we plan yet another party in Kraków. This time it’s going to be Deepersense Music 2nd Anniversary focused mostly on deep progressive vibes. We will have special guest from Greece, fantastic DJ and producer from our label – Mlab 🙂

How do you feel that electronic music connects us?

Music itself is definitely our universal language.

I’m a huge fan of wide spectrum of music, from progressive, psychedelic, stoner or hard rock, thru classical, cinematic music, nu jazz, to most of electronic music genres, especially the deeper, underground side. The idea behind Deepersense is all about connecting worlds, involving all our senses (sound, vision, taste etc.) and keeping people closer creating a one big family, so yes! Electronic music definitely connects us!

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