Cirque Noir Travels to Tulum

Lauren Krieger

Cirque Noir is known for its extraordinary events that go above and beyond to create all-encompassing experiences that stand apart and stay in your memory. From Miami to Los Angeles to across Texas, the dark circus has been building its reputation for exceptional parties that take you deep into the underground and connect you with your surroundings – whether that’s in a warehouse, speakeasy, mansion… or at the beach. On January 8th Cirque Noir will be adding a new location designed to inspire long-lasting connections between music, people, and nature: Tulum.

“We have attended Tulum for over 8 years now
and to finally get to do a showcase
there is definitely a dream come true!!
You know when your energy synchronizes
with the atmosphere!”

Some say Tulum is heaven on earth, a sacred land.
Come free your mind on January 8th
and celebrate the sandy beaches while
preserving this unique beauty.


Behrouz (Do Not Sit)
Special Guest (Crosstown Rebels)
Of the Moon (Cirque Noir) 
Cirque Noir ( DJ Set)

We start at 4PM and will end at midnight,
secure your tickets to prevent lines at the door
and come early to catch the beautiful sunset with us.


This is just the beginning for Cirque Noir in 2020, as they share: “Can’t wait to snow ball this show to much bigger shows in Tulum for the following years! This is our first international show and waiting for many more beautiful places similar to Tulum to come in the year of 2020. Look for the circus top and we shall be in your nearest city soon!”

You can get the Cirque Noir sound any time on FRISKY with their exclusive show: