Cid Inc & Darin Epsilon on going B2B in Brooklyn

Lauren Krieger

Inoki Deep kicks off the NYC Underground Summer with Darin Epsilon and Cid Inc

Inoki Deep is back at it again; after last year’s impressive lineup that included 16 Bit Lolitas & Pole Folder, they’re starting off the Summer by bringing in progressive heavyweights Darin Epsilon and Cid Inc for a back to back set. Individually, both are enough to get excited about, put them back to back in a unique 200 person venue in Brooklyn, and you’ve really got something special in the making. Their latest B2B sessions in Argentina were enjoyed by energetic crowds, with all the enthusiasm of the South American scene. [Listen to 2 hours of their live recording from Bahrein!] Now they’ll take it deep to the warehouse roots of the music into the heart of NYC, showing that the underground sound still has deep progressive power at its core.

After meeting up in New York, they are each hitting the road, covering the US and beyond. Check out their tour schedules for more info: Cid Inc Upcoming Gigs / Darin Epsilon Upcoming Gigs

Inoki Deep won’t be slowing down for the Summer either, with some surprises just on the horizon. We’ll keep you updated!

In the mean time, join the two featured DJs as they tell us more about the show:

What keeps you excited about the music and touring?

Darin Epsilon: Maybe it’s the inner explorer in me but I love globetrotting and meeting new people!  Music is a universal language that we all relate to and understand, and I appreciate being able to learn about different cultures and ways of life while traveling.

Cid Inc: It’s the drive to get better and better all the time and of course the passion for the music. Also meeting new people, experiencing new countries, cultures and crowds in the clubs are what makes the touring exciting.

What has the experience of back-to-back sets been like? Is it more or less of a challenge than performing as a single headliner?

Darin Epsilon: Performing B2B is completely unscripted and there’s an element of unpredictability that goes with each of these shows.

We improvise and go with the flow, sort of like playing jazz.

The challenge of playing B2B is that you’re not always familiar with the other person’s tracks, and that makes it harder to control the flow and direction of your set.  Fortunately Cid is an excellent DJ partner and we’re very comfortable together after performing B2B at Ministry of Sound London and Argentina.

Cid Inc: I haven’t done that many B2B sets as of yet, but the experience been great so far. B2Bs are more of a challenge of course because you really have to connect with the other DJ.

Do you find that you tailor your sets for intimate underground events such as the upcoming Inoki Deep show, or does it vary regardless of the size of the room?

Darin Epsilon: It’s definitely important to select the right tracks based on your environment.  Certain tracks that work great in a big room may not necessarily translate well in an intimate setting, and vice versa.

Cid Inc: It actually varies regardless of the room size, depends totally on how the crowd is.

What do you most hope your crowd experiences during your shows?

Darin Epsilon: My job as a DJ is to introduce people to new music in several different genres and weave them together into a cohesive set.  I try to tell a story with each of my performances and take people on a spiritual journey.  My hope is that everyone leaves the party with a big smile on his or her face 🙂

Cid Inc: I hope I can take them on a journey and that they connect to the music.

What else is going on in your world that fans should know about? Anything exciting you can give us a hint of?

Darin Epsilon: I have 10 tracks on the way including releases on Sudbeat, Global Underground, Parquet, Chapter 24, and my very own Perspectives Digital.

After NYC I’ll be touring North America with dates in Playa Del Carmen, San Diego, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, and Calgary.

The best places to stay up in touch with me are Facebook and SoundCloud.  Don’t be shy, I would love to hear from you!

Cid Inc: I’m finally working on an album, not sure if it’ll be a full length or mini at this point though. 🙂


Friday June 3rd,
Inoki Party presents

featuring music by

Cid Inc B2B Darin Epsilon
Rory James

@ 37 Greenpoint Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

Doors 10pm

Event Page

Looking forward to hearing what’s next for both of these standout DJs! In the mean time, check out their joint Perspectives episode:

Listen Now: Perspectives