Chus & Ceballos on the Past & Future of their Music

Lauren Krieger

TLDR: Chus & Ceballos talk about the evolution of Iberican Sound, working as a team, and what’s in store for this hard working duo.

Catching up with Chus & Ceballos after their return from Burning Man, we get in some quick time to talk about music, life, and the launch of their new FRISKY show “In Stereo”. Read more about the premiere episode here!

c&cinsanityWhat is the greatest thing about working as a team? What is the most challenging?
The greatest thing is that when you have two compatible personalities you work as a team and you reach farther than a solo artist, the most challenging part is to find a person you are compatible with that is not easy, and there is some days when both have different perspectives and the chemistry is not working, in our case thank God that does not happen very often. 🙂


Has your perception of what makes “Iberican Sound” changed from when it first began?
We found the word ‘Iberican’ to tell the people when we started who we are and where we come from, since there was a very interesting and unique musical movement happening in the Iberian peninsula (Spain and Portugal) when we start making music. Our sound has continued to evolve over the years, but is a fact that we maintain our essence and the Iberican touch that identifies us, where percussion and rhythm are inseparable elements of our style (Ying Yang). It is important to have an identity and to be true to your principles. With that solid rhythmic base that identifies us, we consider ourselves music lovers and we like different styles, it’s something you can see on our sets where we move from deep house to techno easily.

instereo_longWhat can we expect to hear on “In Stereo”?
We realize that what the people like the most is our live sets, so we are keeping offering our best moments of our gigs around the world, plus presenting our upcoming albums, compilations, remixes, plus some studio mix tapes like our most-popular ‘from the deep mixtape’ and keep inviting guest DJs that we find interesting and that can complement musically our weekly podcast that is the best gift we can give to our fans.

(Note: Check out their 2-hour set from Burning Man on their FRISKY show “In Stereo”!)

What upcoming projects are you most excited about?
We are working on our first artist album right now, we’ve been remixing artists of all kinds and releasing singles in our own label Stereo Productions and other top labels for over 15 years but we strongly feel that is about time to work on something very personal as the making of an album. We have approached it from several points, we wanted to remake some of our classics, bringing them back to live with new versions, other tracks are completely originals and some others are new versions of songs that marked our career. There are also several vocals, something we are missing these days on electronic underground music, some people have forgotten the powerful of a song and the message. After many months we are in the process of finalizing it so we hope to present our new baby before the end of the year.

Listen Now: Chus & Ceballos “In Stereo”

Photos from Chus & Ceballos at Burning Man