Chus & Ceballos on transmitting their travels into “Nomadas”

Lauren Krieger

Chus and Ceballos discuss Burning Man, collaborations, and their upcoming premiere album.

Chus & Ceballos’ debut album Nomadas is the culmination of over 15 years of living with the music, years of building a world of sounds and emotions that unite their listeners and fans around the world. Nomadas is a truly complete album: it is thoughtful from start to finish, from the choice of artwork to names of the tracks, the variety of genre defying music and flow of the selections. The professionalism and heart that has gone into Nomadas is rare to find these days, and sure to be appreciated by music fans of all styles. From tribal beats, to melodic vocals, to transitional atmospheres, the combination of all the pieces create a total package that takes you along with Chus & Ceballos on their global journeys.


“This album, conceived to be listened to from start to end, invites you to dance. It is a sonorous journey through the experiences and life lessons of the duo.”

While hearing the complete album will have to wait until the end of September, they have been systematically releasing a few choice tracks throughout the Summer, giving their fans a taste of what’s to come with in-depth music videos to take the experience even further.

“Abisinia takes its cues from the African region where GiGi was born, Ethiopia peninsula and is the basis of the musical journey imprinted in the forthcoming album of Chus & Ceballos.

Hypnotic synth sequences and soaring ethnic vocals that transport your mind into this musical trip. Yet it retains a clear modern sensibility, the quality of this production won’t let you indifferent and will inject a nomadic mode in your veins.”

“This single was inspired by our experience at Burning Man Festival which takes place every year in late August in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, United States. We’ve been in many festivals around the world but nothing can bit what we felt at Black Rock Desert.

To drive on the ‘Playa’ surrounded by all that art, the vehicles and the creativity that you see on everybody’s dressing, camp and party set ups, its one of the most beautiful and inspirational thing we’ve seen in our lives. That week was a life-changing experience and ‘Black Rock City’ is our tribute.”


We caught up the guys themselves to dig deeper into the background on Nomadas, the future of Chus & Ceballos, and more:

How did the theme of “Nomadas” come about?

Chus & Ceballos: ‘Nomadas’ is the spanish word for Nomads, and this is exactly how we define ourselves, people that travel not just to go but to evolve. ‘Nomadas’ is the result of our non-stop traveling around the world over the years. A trip embracing new experiences, endlessly changing horizons and to live each new day as a brand new one. Sharing magic musical moments with so many different people in so many diverse places and countries has been an endless source of inspiration. We live for airports, planes, buses, boats, trains and road trips, we find clarity in the blur of the places zooming past us as we look through the window.

You mention international events such as Burning Man as the trigger for the album. Would you be able to put into words what it was that started this spark?

C & C: Definitely our life-changing experience at Burning Man was one of the sparks that started the fire of ‘ Nomadas’, probably because we felt that Black Rock City was the destination for Nomads from all over the world, as a musical pilgrimage. We’ve been in many festivals but nothing can bite what we felt at Black Rock Desert. The fact that it is a non-profit gathering where there is no economical interest makes the festival a pure and genuine experience. The camps are a global connection of people that are sharing the same love for the art, music and friendship, everybody is helping each other and collaborating to add something good and personal to the festival experience. To drive a bike  on the ‘Playa’ surrounded by all that art, the vehicles and the creativity that you see on everybody’s dressing, camp and party set ups, its one of the most beautiful and inspirational places we’ve ever seen.

Visuals also play a large part in the overall experience of Nomadas. What was the collaboration process like with the visual artists? Did you have a concept in mind from the beginning or was it a cooperative evolution?

C & C: We wanted to conceive the album as a total experience, that’s why every single detail is so important in nomadas_019‘Nomadas’. We loved to work with all the artists involved in this project, from the photographer who made the photo-shooting to the graphic designer and video team. We’ve made official video clips for most of the tracks, where the visual landscapes emphasize the music message offering the audience a complete experience. ‘Abisinia’ its a trip to our ethnic roots, dancing in the fire like our ancestors, deep and animalistic, it was recorded in the beautiful Ibiza Island. ‘Black Rock City’ our Burning Man tribute, it was produced with the real takes of that week in the desert. For ‘All I want’, the third single, we used real butterflies, slow motion and the result is amazing!

The collaboration process with guest vocalists and remixers must have been a fun part of the process too. Can you tell us more about the other musicians you brought into the project?

C & C: We are happy to have the chance of working with such diverse artists like the world ethnic singer ‘GiGi’ in Abisinia, the beautiful and eclectic vocalist Astrid Suryanto in ‘All I Want’, Canadian rising star Quilla in ‘Obsession’, New York’s finest Cevin Fisher in ‘Lost in Music’ and the Miami based cuban reggae vocalist ‘El Chino Dreadlion’ in ‘Keep in Dancin’. For the remixer duty, we got involved with talents that really felt the essence and the idea of the album. We wanted to count with Spanish talents like Uner in ‘Abisinia’, Dosem in ‘Black Rock City’ and Henry Saiz and Marc Marzenit for the upcoming ‘All I Want’. We also have onboard artists like Technasia, Rafa Barrios,Yousef and more to be be confirmed soon.

Is there anything else we should know about the album or what’s coming up for Chus & Ceballos?

C & C: We are preparing the Worldwide Album Tour taking over in September with stops in the main cities and clubs all over the world. We are also really happy with the attention that our label Stereo Productions is taking, we are super excited with the upcoming releases including the album singles and remixes. The label and the album is our main goal and focus these coming months.


Chus & Ceballos are certainly a force that won’t be slowing down anytime soon! With more travels coming, this album will only be the beginning to their creative adventures. In the mean time, their FRISKY show “In Stereo” is the perfect way to keep up with what this duo is currently playing, sharing, and enjoying. They will be celebrating their anniversary on FRISKY this week, so it is an episode you will definitely want to tune into! With a variety of styles represented, always with high energy and rocking vibes, the back catalog of “In Stereo” will keep you dancing. Listen now!:

Listen Now: Chus & Ceballos in Stereo