Chus & Ceballos launch new radio show “In Stereo” on FRISKY

Lauren Krieger

TLDR: Duo Chus & Ceballos bring their Iberican Sound to the airwaves with the premiere of their new show “In Stereo”.

In Stereo
Hosted by Chus & Ceballos
Premiere Sep 5 2014 @ 5PM EST [convert timezone]

Chus & Ceballos are DJs and producers from Spain known worldwide for their “Iberican Sound”. Inspired by the Iberican Peninsula, the pair pioneered a special blend of rhythmic & percussive sounds mixed with groovy and soulful elements designed to get you moving on the dance floor. Their influence doesn’t end on the dance floor however, their dedication to “Tribal as a way of life” has them working tirelessly for the music in a host of other ways. Whether running their label Stereo Productions, handling a management agency, or promoting local events, Chus & Ceballos always put their soul into their efforts and it shows. Chus & Ceballos In Stereo will be a new way for listeners to get a chance to experience everything this team has to offer: exciting music, great energy, and the latest from the Iberican Sound. Tune into the Premiere on Friday September 5th 2014 at 5PM EST [convert timezone] & get ready by listening to their Artist of the Week episode now on


Listen Now: Chus & Ceballos Artist of the Week