Chillout and Unwind with DJ Seroton

Lauren Krieger

TLDR: DJ Seroton brings an uplifting and emotional sound to FRISKY CHILL with launch of Unwind

DJ Seroton believes in music with meaning, and his mixes are a reflection of the care and effort that he puts into sharing that feeling with others.  Filled with uplifting melodies, emotional connections, and complimentary energies, DJ Seroton’s love for the music comes through in his deep and thoughtful mixes. With a passion for chillout, ambient, and trance, he loves to create an enlightening sound that carries a message and elevates all those who listen. Through careful selection and passionate dedication, he connects every beat and every lyric to a purposeful message that creates deep and lasting effects.

DJ Seroton’s new show Unwind will be a welcome addition FRISKY Chill stream and its exceptional chillout and ambient roster. His music will be complementary yet unique, a quality that he always tries to bring out in his sets. His diverse and eclectic sound can be heard in his popular Chillout Sundays guest mix, where each track plays an important place in the complete package.

Listen to the premiere of Unwind on July 12th beginning at 11AM EST [convert timezone] and enjoy the amazing feelings you receive from DJ Seroton.

Don’t miss his Chillout Sunday’s Guest Mix! Listen Now:

Listen Now: Chillout Sundays – DJ Seroton