Celebrating 5 Years of Determination from OMD

Lauren Krieger

Catch up with OMD after 5 years of Determination on FRISKY

OMD’s show Determination is a constant go-to for smooth progressive sounds, designed to always flow in a seamless journey. As the son of a violinist and grandson of a music teacher, OMD has the natural talent for and love of music in his DNA, something that you can hear throughout his DJ mixes. With a proclivity for deep harmonies and creating meaningful connections, OMD’s Determination is a distinctive and powerful showcase of his style. Last month was his 5-year Anniversary on FRISKY, which featured a deep mix of tracks from artists like Stelios Vassiloudis, Javier Portilla, Dave Seaman, and Cid inc. Listen now: Determination – 23 February

The next episode of Determination airs on March 23rd, be sure to tune in or listen on-demand with a FRISKY Premium Subscription. To celebrate the event, I caught up with OMD to learn more:

What was your goal when you first started Determination?

My goal was to contribute to the scene of dance music, and also to support artists as a radiohost. Now it is not changed.

Has anything changed in the way you approach your show since the beginning?

When I start make own set before, first of all I decide track and setlist. But now I do with nature as I imagine, I am conscious of music flow.

What is the concept behind the name “Determination”?

Determination’s concept is the structure of deep driving Progressive House. To tell a story through different genres like Deephouse, Techhouse, Techno, Melodic, Chillout etc.

So determination doesn’t mean something like a pre-decided concept, it should be seen as an organic and natural way and as a radio host I want to contribute this sound to the scene.

What have you enjoyed about having a show on FRISKY?

FRISKY is the platform that my exclusive set can be listening to worldwide, also I can introduce artist promo tracks. It’s really an honor to do and I am happy.

Can you share 5 of your top tracks from the last 5 years?

Gai Barone – Mom’s Clown [AfterGlow]

Universal Solution – Taishan Original Mix [Silk Music]

Juan Deminicis – Behind the Sun Original Mix [Proton Music]

Andre Sobota – Surrounded Dosem Remix [MicroCastle]

D-Nox & Beckers – Jacaranda Dosem Remix [Tronic]

Here’s to 5 more years! 🙂

Listen to the 5th Anniversary Episode of Determination now:

Listen Now: OMD – Determination