Catch up with Nick Warren as he gets ready for his American Tour

Lauren Krieger

Nick Warren shares the latest news about his tours, album releases, and more.

Nick Warren has ceaselessly impacted the underground electronic music scene for decades and is not slowing down anytime soon, much to the appreciation of fans around the world. DJing across the globe, producing tracks, releasing music, and creating mixes, he continues to bring new and exciting sounds to eager listeners through a variety of outlets. Whether you’ve been a fan since the beginnings, or just tuning in now, you can’t help but hear that Nick Warren has the musical talent, passion, and dedication that makes his place in the underground electronic music scene special. This year has been especially busy, covering all bases with a Summer in Ibiza, Way Out West Album in production, and an upcoming tour of The Americas. I was able to catch up for a quick chat with Nick to sum up the Summer & talk about the tour:


How was your experience with the Soundgarden Ibiza Sessions this Summer?

We had a fantastic season with the Soundgarden in Ibiza, it was really interesting to see what worked there since it’s so different to many other places. Establishing a new night on the island is really hard work though, as expected! We were absolutely over the moon when the Ibiza Spotlight “Season Review Special” named us as one of the “Newcomer Parties that Came & Conquered”! I loved having so many friends playing with me throughout the season, guys like Hernan Cattaneo, Guy J, Eelke Kleijn, Guy Mantzur, Jody Wisternoff & Omid 16B etc. All the feedback and reviews were really positive too and we are already planning next season so stay tuned.

What has been one of your highlights of 2015?

Professionally, that would have to be the next Way Out West album being almost complete. Jody and I have spent the past few years getting it right and we both think its going to be awesome, the first track “Tuesday Maybe” was on Jody’s new compilation on Anjunadeep and will be our first single in the spring, the album will follow shortly after.

Way Out West must have the most patient fans in the world, so thanks for that everyone. 🙂


What are you looking forward to most with your upcoming North America tour?

I love touring the States, I am passing through some new cities this time like Lincoln and Santa Fe, its always cool to visit somewhere new. And of course it’s always brilliant to see old friends and familiar faces in clubs I have played before.

Is there anything you like to do when you visit cities on tour? Will you be getting any fishing in? 🙂

Being winter the fishing is taking a back seat on this tour, so the Christmas shopping will take over instead. I also like to check out some great restaurants while on tour, like most DJ’s it seems…


Your Soundgarden show on FRISKY is always wonderfully eclectic and creative, what can listeners expect to experience at your live shows?

I always bring the same ethos to the live shows but with more focus on rocking the dancefloor of course. I do like to take the more experimental approach especially in the beginning of the nights, as there is so much amazing music out there that rarely gets played in clubs.

What is coming up for Hope Recordings?

We have a new release “Radux” out now by Vangelis Kostoxenakis & Inner Rebels followed by an EP by Tom Glass.

Exciting stuff Nick! Thank you for your time & happy travels on your tour!

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