Brian Cid on creating transcendent music & a meaningful life

Lauren Krieger

Brian Cid takes us behind the scenes of his new mini-album on Lost & Found

Brian Cid’s impact on the underground electronic music world comes from a solid base of musicality, experience, and love. As a mixing and mastering engineer for major pop artists, Brian has a built a BRIAN CID FOUND PRESSSHOT IIkeen ear for quality production and knows how to get the most out of music. Through studio engineering his interest in the electronic side grew; as stated in his bio, it is where “he discovered his great love affair with house music – a genre without boundaries that vibrates with him in such a way that he can freely express himself”. It didn’t take long for this love affair to bear fruit, his innovative and fresh perspective on house music receiving the attention of labels including Inhouse Records, Nervous Records, microCastle and Knee Deep in Sound, and getting him behind the decks at notable NYC venues such as Output, Verboten, Cielo, Pacha, Marquee, and Sankeys.

Brian’s music emanates from his soul, with messages told through rhythm, waves, and melody. His new mini album release on Lost & Found exemplifies this passion for musical storytelling, each track building from the last with a continuous narrative throughout. With an organic production process that involves digital and analog gear mixed live in the studio, Brian Cid uses a balance of focus and flow to create powerful music that blends old-school energy with new-school style. These five tracks take you on a blissfully progressive and cohesive journey, with finely produced tech elements, emotional melodies, and deep beats that move you inside and out.

I was so excited to talk to Brian Cid about his music and life philosophy, and I love what he had to say. Listen to his Found03 album and read on:


Mastering the Found album at his East Village NYC Studio

Thank you for catching up with us! How has your 2015 been?

First off I want to truly thank you for taking the time to do this, not to mention all the love and support I’ve gotten from Frisky from the very start. This year has been beyond amazing. I’ve met so many beautiful people, seen so many smiles and gave so many hugs. I could not be more grateful about all the love and support I’ve been getting from my art. I wanted this year to be all about showing the world who Brian is and why I do what I do.

My message has been resonating and it makes me very happy to see that.


What was your initial reaction when asked to do a mini album for Lost & Found?

When Guy J asked me to put a mini album together for the label I felt honored and very excited. I knew that I had to come up with something truly special mainly because he has been a big supporter of my sound and I felt like I owed him a big thank you. I was ready to take on the challenge and give it my very best. Writing cohesive tracks that tell a story is the ultimate task for a writer, especially when you try to cover so many bases as far as tempo, mood and sounds, but I was happy to dedicate a piece of my life to this project. Looking back it was worth every second.

I think it’s wonderful that you chose to represent a theme on the album, especially such an important one. Can you tell us more about the theme – why you chose it and what it means to you?

This mini album is about my connection with nature. The first track I wrote was Aurora and I named it like that because the sounds gave me the feeling of rebirth. This inspired me to write more songs that represented amazing natural phenomenons. It’s tough for me to be in touch with nature because I live in such an amazing concrete jungle. I feel like technology has taken us away from spending time with ourselves exploring our inner connection with our world and if we are not careful enough we could get sucked in a bubble. This is why this mini album is a living reminder of how incredible our world is and how important it is that we don’t take it for granted.


What was the most challenging part of the production process for the album?

I feel like I was writing 5 tracks at the same time, or rather one long song that starts very moody and builds into this massive explosion of sounds and energy. That to me was tough but very fun. It was like a puzzle… How can I keep you engaged from the first beat to the last? How can I create something timeless with a meaning and theme? Finding the balance between the right amount of melodies without making it too melodic, and groove without making it too busy. How can I write music from the heart without making calculations? These are all challenges but it’s part of the writing process and I love it. Not to mention how exciting and rewarding it is once you see the finished product.

Do you record all of your productions live, or did you choose to do so just for this project? Would you be able to share some photos or details about your studio setup?

As I am a sound engineer my production style consist on using a variety of both digital and analogue gear, specially lots of processing and effects rather than focusing too much on the synths itself. I play everything live. Do very little programming except for the drums. Sometimes I record percussive elements myself as I am a drummer as well. This is true about all my productions, not only this one.


I love that you are always sharing inspiring messages, notes for people to take a moment for gratitude and awareness. What do you think are small things that humans could do every day to better themselves and their world?

Thank you so much for even taking the time to read my thoughts. I believe that speaking positive leads to acting positive. When you make an effort of making sure every single word that comes out of your mouth is positive, you will be shocked at how your whole world instantly becomes better. Suddenly you’ll see more smiles, the air will get fresher and your day will get brighter. Words lead to action. You instantly become a better person and that becomes addicting.

It’s really not hard at all, but it needs to start from us.

Well said, Brian! Thank you!

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