Bespoke Musik brings its finely tuned aesthetic to FRISKY DEEP

Lauren Krieger

Bespoke Musik continues world domination with new FRISKY DEEP show

Since Bespoke Musik came on the scene in 2012, they have been quickly making their name known as the source for premium events and provider of quality content. Their NYC based events have continued to impress and gain appreciative fans who thrive on the deep and distinct style they possess. Bespoke will continue to excite the New York crowd this Summer, as they will be hosting a series of boat parties featuring Oliver Schories, Nicola Cruz & Baez, and Francesca Lombardo. Moving beyond the city, Bespoke will be taking their show on the road to Miami, San Francisco and Amsterdam for a return to ADE this fall.

With residents like Andhim, Baez, Bedouin, Hisham Zahran, Rampue, Wild Dark and Christian Voldstad, the Bespoke Musik collective has successfully upheld a strictly curated techno and house taste throughout all that they do. Their brand new FRISKY DEEP show will be bringing that Bespoke experience the airwaves with a monthly show featuring their talented residents and friends, starting with Gab Rhome who will be kicking off the Bespoke Musik show on June 3rd.

Fresh off his return from Movement Detroit, we caught up with Bespoke founder Rocky Ramniceanu to learn more:

How have things been since we last spoke? It looks like Bespoke has really been making waves in the NYC scene and beyond!

We’ve been steadily building on a strong foundation created over the last four years… curating fresh and interesting electronic music that is pushing boundaries while maintaining an accessible undercurrent.

What do you consider the most distinctive qualities that Bespoke represents?

Our main focus has always been presenting and exposing quality electronic music to a wider audience.

Providing a platform for artists that are taste makers, constantly evolving. We take pride in the fact that we have introduced a number of talented, successful DJs to the US market over the years, booking them for the first time: including Andhim, Rampue, Francesca Lombardo, Oceanvs Orientalis, Hisham Zahran, Daniel Bortz, Powel, and many more.


What does DEEP mean to you, and how you think Bespoke connects with that concept?

Deep equates to interesting concepts and intelligence to us… not necessarily a genre of music, but an aesthetic and manner in which the people that create and foster this music present themselves and engage with society. Bespoke Musik’s core beliefs have always been about warm, inclusive environments and exploring the most interesting and soulful concepts in music and beyond.

What can we expect to hear from your guest DJs? Do you have a line up in mind?

We have a fantastic lineup of world class DJs scheduled for the next couple of months and working towards building an even more exquisite family of musicians.

Besides your new show, what else coming up are you excited about?

We’re launching the record label, Bespoke Musik this late summer, which will feature our family of artists along with remixes from musicians from all over the world.


Mixmag says Bespoke is ready for world domination, the show on FRISKY DEEP is one step closer to making that happen. Be sure to tune in & be a part of it!

Premiering June 3rd @ 12PM EST on FRISKY DEEP [convert timezone]

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