Bastian Bux: “Music is the Best Guide For Life That I Can Imagine.”

Lauren Krieger

Bastian Bux was forged with the intention of representing only the purest elements of music. Free from the false, Bastian Bux is focused on the deepness of the music; its textures, emotions, and meanings receiving the highest priority of his artistic attention. With tracks that feature powerful harmonies mixed with dark rhythms, his blends of house and techno have been featured on renowned labels such as Bedrock, Selador, Suara and MOOD. These energies carry onto his live performances, with his recognition as a DJ quickly accelerating as he has toured the world as an Elrow Resident, bringing precision and passion as his signature sound.

It is impressive how much emotion can be felt in only the sound of a rumbling bassline or selective melodies, but the combined intricacy of Bastian Bux’s chosen layers reveal more than just music for the dance floor, but music that reaches into your heart and pulls you into its story. His latest EP on Suara “Somia” is the perfect example of this philosophy, its tracks creating within me a combination of light-hearted nostalgia for when I first fell in love with the music, and an overwhelming desire to go into a dark, loud, laser filled warehouse right now. What it means to you may be different, but what can’t be missed is that there is more behind his music than the surface.

In only a short time of existence, the name Bastian Bux has already garnered the attention of the underground players, and when speaking with Bastian it is obvious why fans and peers alike are relating so deeply to his music. I appreciated the opportunity to get a peek into his world, as he shares an honest and heart-filled look into the life of Bastian Bux.



Hi Bastian, it’s great to meet you. Thank you for your time!

Pleasure! Thanks to you for having me!

What’s going on for you right now that are very happy or excited about?

I would say that everything excites me since I started my Bastian Bux project 3 years ago… But maybe now what excites me the most is touring. Every month I’m discovering new countries, new cities, new audiences… And this gives me a lot of knowledge, motivation and inspiration.

What are your greatest drives for working with music?

In first place: Freedom, undoubtedly. One of the most important things about working with music is that she makes you be free, she forces you to have an “non-normal” life, and I love it, because you get rid of common conventions like schedules, places to live… Music drives you thru the curved road, you know? And the second thing that I love about working with music is that you will never ever totally control or understand it. It is not like a difficult job where you need to learn, adapt yourself and, one day, you are done: you control and understand everything. No. With music you can be a pro today, and tomorrow things will change and you will have to start from zero again. I love this, because it makes you to stay awake and humble.

I love that! Absolutely true, and so wonderfully stated. How would you say that your music represents your personality, or your philosophy?

This is such a good question. Never thought about this before but… I would say that my music represents this hyper sensible part of my personality that most of the times is difficult to see when you are next to me, because I use to be a super positive and optimistic person… But it also represents my philosophy, specially when I finish the songs, when I arrange them. I would say that the “creative” part represents my personality, and the “technical” part represents my philosophy.

Do you feel that your musical creation process is inspired most by particular emotions or moods?

Absolutely. I split my creative process in two: one is when I create; the other is when I arrange and finish. Sadness, rage, melancholy and this kind of “dark” emotions are essential for me when I create. I can’t explain this because I don’t even understand why, but it is so hard for me to compose or write music when I’m happy and positive. On the other hand, it is almost impossible for me to arrange and finish my projects when I’m sad, or thoughtful… So yeah, my emotions and moods are basically who decides about my musical creation process.

What do you do to keep the music fresh and creative juices flowing?

Disconnect from music is the best way for me to keep the music fresh. I would recommend to every creative person out there to find alternative projects non related with, in this case, music. I started a couple of business just for fun and now I can say that they help me not only economically but also mentally. They make me disconnect and see stuffs from different perspectives.

I really appreciate the cohesiveness of your Somia EP, with each track unique yet united. Did you set with particular tracks in mind for this specific EP? How were you able to best balance variety with consistency?

Thanks a lot, I appreciate that you notice! To be honest, I write songs without even thinking if I would ever release them. I used to overthink a lot about this back in the days but not anymore… For me it is better to make music without thinking to much into the political side. Step by step I start having songs in a folder, and one day it becomes an EP. I love the long EP format, because it gives me the opportunity to “cover” every single side of the electronic music that I like.

What is the most challenging part of the production process for you?

To survive to my own existential crisis, hahahahaha. Like really… I’m ultra hard with myself, to the point that it is common that I start shouting out loud to myself that I should quit from music and stuff like that while I’m rehearing my demos. Yeah, I must visit a psychologist.

Do you have any specific moments as an artist which stand out to you as affirmations of following your passion?

Yes: when somebody explains to me how important it is for them one of my songs. Every time a person comes to me and explains me some important memory or feeling attached or related to my music… Wow, I can’t even express what I feel. It worth every single bad moment I’ve had during my career. The other “affirmation” moment is of course to perform in front of a good crowd. The energy I receive is what makes me follow my passion. I’m addicted to this.

What are you enjoying the most about the music right now?

All the knowledge and experiences that she’s giving me. Music is the best guide for life that I can imagine. I’m enjoying a lot accepting her rules, listening to her, trying to understand what she’s trying to tell us… and letting her drive me thru this amazing path.

Thank you Bastian Bux! I look forward to hearing what is next on your path. 🙂