Aves Volare

Take Flight with Aves Volare on Aviary Radio

Lauren Krieger

Whether its the peaceful freedom of flying alone or the collaborative efforts of a flock in formation, we can often find inspiration by going to the birds. For Aves Volare (latin for “Birds Fly”) their qualities represent the best of what electronic music can offer. Community, togetherness, authenticity, and a feeling of freedom are just some of the reasons why the Frankfurt-based producer, DJ, vocalist, and songwriter has embraced life with an aviary essence and electronic soundtrack. By creating deep emotional connections between the DJ and the audience, as well as working in harmony across the industry, Aves Volare has been distinguishing himself as a distinctive force in the underground.

From singing live at local venues to performing at Rainbow Serpent Festival in Australia, Aves Volare’s meaningful music has been growing steadily around the world, gathering gigs across Europe and releases on labels like ICONYC, Stil Vor Talent, Katermukke, Einmusika Recordings, Beatfreak Recordings, Manual Music, Perspectives Digital, and many more. Having grown his own career through the support of fellow friends, he is now passing forward all he has learned with his own label Aviary Recordings, and with a new show on FRISKY: Aviary Radio.

Working alongside label partner Eros99, Aviary Radio will feature exclusive mixes from themselves, sneak-peeks of upcoming releases, and monthly guest mixes from members of the Aviary family. Tune in to the premiere on March 17th @ 5 PM EST [convert timezone] or listen on-demand anytime after with FRISKY Premium.

Catch up with Aves Volare now, and get ready to take flight:

I adore the name “Aves Volare” – I think it’s poetry in two words. I’d love to hear the background of the name, and how you feel it represents yourself as an artist?

Thank you! The name is Latin for ‘Birds fly’.  I wanted something to resonate with Europe as my aspiration was to always appeal to the audience here and I was always attracted to the mystery of Latin names. When I saw the name, after looking for a translation, I just knew it was it –  it felt right. 

I’ve always resonated with emotional tracks with passionate long breakdowns that people close their eyes to and stretch their arms out like a bird flying. I always get goosebumps seeing the euphoria on people’s faces and all their problems dissipating. It’s nice to be able to facilitate that moment for people.

Furthermore, I’m fascinated with how geese work in a V formation! They’re team players, swapping leadership when migrating, and are loyal to their flock if one struggles to keep up. I think humans could learn a lot from them.

Aves Volare

What first drove you to pursue a career in electronic music? Are you still motivated by the same feelings today?

I used to sing and play guitar for many years and on one summer day in 2012, I stumbled across a bar called The Vineyard in Melbourne, Australia. I fell in love with the DJ and vibe – it was mainly Disco and pure House Music progressing into Deep House. I was hooked. 

I became a regular patron at this venue where I met an Israeli gentleman called Dotan Tamir. He was intrigued by my private hobby and invited me over for a pizza to record my songs, mainly for fun. But once we began, there was no going back. I sang on tracks he produced and gave my musical ideas and opinions along the way. 

We formed a duo called 2DotZero. We started releasing locally, and then had a few releases on some solid European labels. We had some great performance successes locally where I sang live on instrumental tracks and Dotan mixed the music. In time I started mixing a few also 🙂

When that duo ended, I had to ask myself whether I was willing to go on. The answer was instant. I had to learn the parts of this whole process and be able to do all the aspects on my own. 

What has been one of the defining moments for you as a DJ and / or producer? Is there a moment that sticks out to you as being representative of your journey? 

Definitely playing Rainbow Serpent Festival 2019 in Lexton, Australia. This was always the number 1 dream when I lived there. I was fortunate enough to be recognised for my work and got to play the famous Market Stage. It was an incredible moment in front of so many amazing people (including my closest friends), dressed in colour, celebrating life. It was the perfect final summer in Australia, achieving the goals I set out to do, before pursuing a new challenge and embarking on an European adventure with my music.

Do you think that your musical expression is a reflection of your personality? If so, in what way?

It certainly has been, I always write tracks that reflect my position or mental state. I sometimes struggle to express myself in regards to the more confronting and difficult aspects of life, so music became my way to communicate my feelings. It sounds cliche, I know, however it’s the perfect therapy for me.

What do you think are the most valuable aspects of underground electronic music? What do you love most about it? 

This is easy for me so I can answer a little more concisely. Community, love, acceptance, togetherness, joy, a momentary escape. I’m sure I’m missing some important points here but these are the first things I can instinctively answer to that question.

What is most important for you to communicate through your music? Do you have a mission or message that runs through your work?

Honestly, my old work in Australia contained some sadness and the vocals were a reflection of my battles. As I have grown and matured, my lyrics are becoming more selfless in the message, which I hope others can identify with. A great example is my track Balance with Citizen Kain on Stil Vor Talent. I initially wrote it about Brexit but the lyrics can be applied to several world issues. 

What do you enjoy put the most energy towards when it comes to your several roles in the industry – as DJ, Producer, Label Owner, Vocalist (& more)?

It’s very hard to make an order of what’s most important to me because they are all important to me and I love every aspect. 

I would say that on a personal growth level, some feelings have changed recently but I’m very clear now about what I want. 

Firstly, all my energy and learning time is going into becoming the best producer I can be, without being this I don’t feel like I can authentically move forward the way I would like to. Live performances will follow from this in the future. My process isn’t rushed. I’m enjoying the process more than any outcome I’m imagining with this so I don’t miss the moments. I want to feel the joy of it all along the way. I’m pretty sure birds do that when they fly 🦅

Bigger picture, I see our label, Aviary Recordings, as an opportunity for me personally to pay it forward. 

When I began my music career I was very fortunate to have well known artists give me the opportunities I needed to be where I am today. Think of it like I was a bird locked in a cage and these great artists I collaborated with opened the aviary door for me, so I could escape and fly freely.

So Aviary Recordings, with whom I own with Eros99, is just that. It’s a chance for me to scout talented new artists who need their first opportunities. I want to facilitate getting their music out to the world and there is certainly no better platform to do so, especially now that we’re collaborating with the mighty Frisky Radio. 

On behalf of Eros and I, we are so excited to share what we do with all your listeners around the world. So for our premiere show, we will showcase 1 hour each. You will hear some of our favourite music currently. In particular, the Aves Volare mix also features a remix I made and our new release from Apart Mind, called Condition. We hope you enjoy our premiere!

In the future you can expect a one hour opening set from Aves Volare featuring a monthly guest from our small and growing Aviary Family. Thank you for tuning in!