Dive in with FRISKY’s Artist of the Week: Autonomi

Priya Sen

Ozgur Can better known as Autonomi is a House and Techno specialist from Stockholm who’s been pushing the tempo on world-renowned labels such as Anjunadeep, Sincopat, Click Records to name a few. Just before you catch his Artist of The Week mix exclusively on FRISKY, premiering April 14th @ 2 PM EST [convert timezone], we had a quick chat with him to give us a little sneak peek in to who he is. Take it away…

Hi Ozgur, thanks for taking time out to give us your thoughts on Frisky News. All set to get your Artist Of The Week mix out in April on our airwaves?

Thanks for having me, I am truly very excited about it.

This is for the listeners, how would you describe your style?

Ah this question. Let me try, I think Deep, Dance, Techno, Trance?

I think that in a way sums it up pretty well. I like and get influenced by so many different genres it’s always been hard for me to stick to one particular sound. If it’s good it’s good no matter what style it may be.

What’s your approach to the AOTW mix going to be?

I’m not really big on recording mixes to be honest but I usually just look over what I like for the moment and see what fits good together and just press record and go with the flow.

Do you prefer to showcase your music, suiting your sets to a radio vibe or do you make it like you would when performing at a gig, do you lean towards one or the other?

I always have the dancefloor in mind when doing mixes but I’d say a little bit if both.

How did Autonomi begin, what’s it about, can you give us your thoughts on this project?

Without going too deep and into too much detail, I basically felt like I needed a reboot. I have been in the scene for over 15 years with ups and downs and sometimes felt like I didn’t want to do this anymore and I think many artists go through that phase at some point. So in order to motivate myself again and get my hunger back I wanted to start with a clean slate, turn the page if you will. I had made a bunch of tunes after a little break and decided that these tracks are gonna be the beginning of something new and Autonomi was born!

This was a little more then a year ago and I only have a few tracks out as Autonomi at the moment but this year 2020 looks to be the time when I will have loads of music coming out.

When did you start playing music, can you tell us about the early days of you getting in to circuit?

I started at the age of 13, practicing DJing and started producing. At that time I was into alot of Goa Trance like Astral Projection and stuff like that and then got into more Techno, for example Adam Beyer, Cari Lekebusch and Joel Mull. I had my first records out around 2004 I’d say James Holden was a big influence, he was so ahead of his time and his records that are 15+ years old still sound fresh and relevant today.

Any influencers you followed for inspiration back in the day?

Better than ever. We used to complain back in the day that nothing was happening here even though we had so many big names from Stockholm that were touring all over the world but nowadays its great. We have great parties and international bookings multiple times a week and a thriving pool of homegrown talent like never before.

How would you describe Stockholm club scene, what would you say is the best thing about your city, anything that stands out of the music scene?

The diversity for sure.

How did you come about with your associations with Sincopat, Anjunabeats to name a couple?

Not many people know this but I was actually the first A&R for Anjunadeep back when they started that sublabel from Anjunabeats. I had done a remix for them and then James wanted to meet with me that year during ADE, and we talked over a coffee and flew to London and met the rest of the gang and I helped them out signing the first couple of releases.

With Sincopat I just sent them an email with a few tracks and they liked them and released them. I wasn’t really expecting them to get back to me to be honest since I know labels get bombarded with demos and can’t possibly reply to everyone and since I hadn’t really released anything in a while I was happy they got back to me.

Which label do you think is really pushing the tempo as far as your preferred genre is concerned?

I have always been a big fan and follower of Innervisions, ever since their first releases and now they are truly leading the way and are bigger than ever but never compromised quality.

What are the key factors you take in to account or you start off with when sitting to produce, or is it mood dependent?

I’ve always been very mood dependent and I think that’s very clear when you hear my music. My releases are sometimes very different from each other and that’s because I like and get influenced from so many different sources. You can still hear it’s me obviously but sometimes more House and sometimes deeper and techy but still melodic.

What is your ideal DJ setup?

2x CDJs and a Allen & Heath Xone 92. But I’m not that picky, I’ll be just as be happy on a Pioneer mixer also.

Any hobbies that you pursue, apart from music?

I really enjoy cooking food and experimenting with flavors. I think I approach food the same way as my music haha.

Your top 3 tracks?

Tom Flynn – Avenue A
Aaaron – Tales of Creation
Kasango, Jamie Fallon Smith – One Night (&lez Remix)

What’s exciting you in 2020, any plans you’d like to share with your listeners?

The most exciting positive thing this year with everything that’s going on on the planet right now is that I’m so happy and blessed with all the new people in the music scene I’ve gotten to know over the last year. It’s been a roller-coaster for the past 2 years when it comes to the music side but I’m happy that all the music I’ve made lately is finally coming out this year!

Lastly, what does FRISKY mean to you?

Top quality DJ mixes!

Tune into Autonomi’s Artist of the Week mix live at 2 PM EST [convert timezone] on April 14th, or listen on-demand anytime after with FRISKY Premium.