Compiling the ASTIR Journey: Movements Volume 1

Lauren Krieger

The compilation album can serve many purposes; whether an effective way to introduce listeners, provide a retrospective, or offer a sneak peek into the future, it’s a great way to get a sense of the essence that a label or brand represents.

To accomplish all this and more, Real Gone Kid is introducing the Movements series from ASTIR Recordings. Ending the year with a look back on the tracks that defined the label (Passion! Progressive!), it captures the spirit of the label and inspires a deeper dive into their catalog.

Featuring 2 exclusive tracks – Talal – Astronaut In The Jungle (Tutti Rmx) and Paul Hawcroft – Every Time (forthcoming 2019 full release) and remixes from Tripswitch, Daniel Klose and Paper Samurai (who will be featured on the ASTIR Sessions December episode).

The label has already been receiving support from Aly & Fila, Nick Warren, Lonya, Gai Barone, Luke Brancaccio, Anthony Pappa, Kiss FM Austraila, DJ Harvey, Petar Dundov, Nick Varon, D-Nox, Cevin Fisher, Tash and loads more, with the Bootleg Ben and Drew Miller tracks making the top 20 releases chart for Progressive House back in the summer.

What to know:

To round out 2018, ASTIR look back over their first full year with a retrospective mix from label head, Real Gone Kid. Featuring tracks covering a cross section of moods and genres including the odd unreleased exclusive, we’ll tell the story of a year in the life of the label. This is Movements Volume One.

Pre-order – 26th November
Release – 10th December

Listen to the MiniMix & check out my quick chat with the man behind Movements below:

What inspired the idea for Movements Vol 1?

I’ve always been a fan of compilation albums, especially from labels. The fact is, so much music gets released these days it’s impossible to know about it all. There have been many times I’ve missed absolute monster tracks from labels I like because of this. Sometimes I hear them on mixes like this and end up researching the label and back catalogue. That’s essentially the plan here – visibility.

Besides all being ASTIR tracks, what were the most important factors when choosing tracks for this album?

As I’ve said before, passion is the number one reason I sign or work with anyone. Every track featured is firstly, something I would play out and secondly, made with love. The selection also soundtracks the journey we’ve taken over the year, so it features up and coming artists, new friends and exciting projects for 2019, like Paul’s track Every Time, which I heard months ago as a demo and offered some suggestions. I’ll be remixing that along with Jaap Ligthart next year.

How does this set of releases represent what ASTIR is all about?

ASTIR is a label by DJs for DJs, pure and simple. I have always wanted to release kiss-ass tunes that get parties started and I take that responsibility very personally. I only work with good people who are passionate about the music and not looking to climb the musical ladder by stepping over me: too many of those in the scene these days. Been burnt too many times.

What is one thing that is constant through each track?

For this mix especially, I wanted each track to represent what true Progressive House is. The genre has been mutated many times and what I remember prog to be isn’t necessarily what the kids know it is now. That was a point of balance I wanted to redress: prog isn’t slowed down trance, it’s so much more than that.

What is your goal for the Movements series?

I just want the series to be about the music. I’ve made a point of naming the DJ simply to conform with current sales models, but to be honest, I would have rather just made the mix anonymous and let the music tell the story. Moving forward, I’ll probably just use this series to catalogue our progression. The days of mass-selling compilations has passed now with so much music available for free from DJs far more well-known (and better) than I!

What are you most excited about for this release?

Having some well-earned time off! haha This is the last release of the year, I’m not scheduling anything for next year until February, so I can have a bit of a break and work on 2019 plans without the pressure of promoting something. It’s easy to fall into the mechanisation of releasing music, but the first thing to go is that passion I strive for. Plus, I need some time to write music myself. And eat Turkey. Lots of Turkey. 🙂

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