Get DEEP, Diverse & Moving with Arrab’s Dynamics

Lauren Krieger

Egypt’s Arrab launches his new show Dynamics on DEEP

As a quickly growing figure in the Egyptian Underground, Arrab’s music has been heard around the world, played by some of the biggest names in the industry. His premiere releases alongside Black 8, “Sandwaves” and “Papyrus” were released on Nick Warren’s The Soundgarden and Hope Recordings, launching his production career into the limelight. As a DJ, his mixes are diverse and moving – the name of his new show “Dynamics” perfectly encapsulating the essence of his sound. A listen to his FRISKY guest mixes on Sleek and as Artist of the Week will give you a look into what to expect with this new monthly foray into his world.

Tune into the premiere of Dynamics on August 16th @ 10AM EST [convert timezone] on DEEP. Listen live or on-demand & offline anytime after with FRISKY Premium and FRISKY Mobile Apps.

Get to know Arrab before you dive in:

What was your introduction to electronic music like?

Growing up I have always been a huge fan of electronic music, and years later after actually pursuing a career in music It was and still is my number one interest….

How is the current scene in Egypt?

The electronic music scene over the past 3 years has been growing and people have become more selective and aware when it comes to music and DJs. So I believe it’s safe to say that it’s getting better and bigger everyday.

What has been one of the highlights of your work as a DJ & producer?

As a producer I have to say that this year with the great success of Sandwaves on The Soundgarden and the track later hitting the charts, being played by all the big names in the music scene was the best. In addition when Sandwaves was selected number 1 on Ushuaia Ibiza Magazine’s hottest tunes of the summer! As a DJ, back in 2013 when I played for the first time at Space Sharm El Sheikh

What do you look for in the track selections for your mixes?

It’s a combo between the bassline and melody!

What do you think are the most important aspects of producing a quality track?

First, it’s to come up with a very good bassline, then creating a melody that is simple and can grab everyone’s attention.

What are you most inspired or motivated by?

I’m constantly motivated by music, the more I listen the more I want to create! Not to mention as a producer I constantly learn new things and techniques so I always want to apply them!

Is there anything that you are currently working on or coming up that you’re excited about which you can share with us?

I recently finished some original tracks but still testing them on the dancefloor before sending them out to labels! I also finished my first collaboration with Mark Youssef & Novikoff, this track is going to be huge and more details will be revealed soon.

What can listeners expect to hear on Dynamics?

Dynamics is going to be a very special experience… from deep techno sounds to progressive house tunes. I will also feature guest mixes from talented DJs around the world!

I promise it will get everyone moving!

Dynamics premieres August 16th @ 10AM EST [convert timezone] on DEEP. Tune in live or listen in hi-res on-demand & offline anytime after with FRISKY Premium and FRISKY Mobile Apps:

Arrab – Dynamics