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Armen Miran: At Home With Hoomidaas

Lauren Krieger

Having established himself as a musical force to be reckoned with, his passion taking him around the world and earning the respect and admiration of peers and fans alike, Armen Miran is still continuing to expand his impact on the industry. In its first year, his label Hoomidaas has become a notable source for those who seek the deep, its selective and refined curation of talent featuring both renowned and undiscovered names who all share the same dedication and love for the music.

With the Hoomidaas ethos of rawness and imagination, events are also being added to their repertoire, bringing the distinctive sound to new destinations. This Summer saw a special showcase in Istanbul with Monolink, and on Saturday, December 21st Hoomidaas is introducing the Reborn concept with guest Lar Gibbons at Armen Miran’s home town of Los Angeles.

Hoomidaas Presents Reborn 001

As he gets ready for this end of the year’s new beginning, we caught up with Armen to learn more about what Hoomidaas means to him and what we can expect for its bright future.

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With Hoomidaas reaching the end of its first year, how do you feel about how everything has gone for the label so far?

It’s been a fulfilling year launching my label. Artists have been receptive to it and I couldn’t be happier with how far we’ve come in just under one year. Seeing all the hard work go into the creation of Hoomidas pays off when talented artists want to be a part of it and the music is being played worldwide. It wouldn’t be possible without the support of the artists and listeners. 

What do you enjoy the most about running it? What has been the most challenging part?

Receiving demos! Shuffling through new music and discovering unheard tracks is definitely a perk. It takes a trained ear to understand the curation process and we take pride in selectively choosing. If we get taken away by how beautiful it sounds and the music resonates even after listening to it countless times, it’s a winner. 

Time is challenging but we work through it. I’m sure we’ll come across more challenges but so far we’re just living our passion. 

Has there been anything that has surprised you along the way?

One of the most respected producer/DJ’s, Nick Warren, offered to do a remix of my track with my music brother Hraach. Warren partnered with Nicolas Rada and together they released the remix of Menq, which means “us” in Armenian. This happened one month into the label launch, followed by our first showcase in Istanbul at a historic cistern. It signified the start of something very special with Hoomidas. 

Hoomidaas showcase in Turkey
Hoomidaas Showcase in Istanbul

I know that running a label can add a ton of work to your plate, especially if you already have a busy production and touring schedule – how has it been balancing your Hoomidaas work with the rest of your music career?

This year alone I traveled to 15 countries, 2020 is looking like it would be even more now that I’ll be hosting Hoomidas showcases around the world. My label partner Christina Acobiance manages the label while I focus in the studio. It’s where I spend my time when I’m not on tour. We find the balance together making it all happen.

Having been on the other side of record labels for so long, what are some of the things that were important to you to do or not do with your own label?  

Having freedom and flexibility is one of the best parts of having your own label. I can release music as often or as seldom as I’d like. I believe the “do or not to do” doesn’t exist when running your own label. Everyone has the creativity to run their label as they desire. There is no right or wrong way of doing things.

What would you suggest to artists who were interested in getting a release on Hoomidaas?

Do the research and know who you are sending your production to. Be confident in your work and don’t send it just to send it. 

What does Hoomidaas represent to you? How would you describe the goals of the label and what’s most important about the music you release and represent?

“Hoom” in Armenian means raw. When we invite artists to be part of the releases, we ask that they use their unique vision to imagine what that raw part of the sun, the other side of the sun that neither of us see, would look like to them. We love discovering artists who have never had a release yet and giving them the opportunity to release with us, be discovered and follow their passion is what we are building.

Hoomidaas showcase in Turkey
Hoomidaas Showcase in Istanbul

I’d love to hear more about your label event and how it ties in with the imprint – can you share what the Reborn concept is all about? What makes LA and The Sayers Club the perfect spot for this premiere event?

The Reborn concept was created so we don’t limit ourselves and artists when it comes to showcases. We’ve basically created a “sub-folder” and called it Reborn to be able to feature a wider range of artists at our events outside of the artists who have released on Hoomidas. We’re excited for the first showcase in our hometown LA and what better way than to launch the Reborn concept with all our friends and fans.

What do you see as the future of the Hoomidaas label and events?

This year we had our first Hoomidaas Records showcase to a sold out crowd in Istanbul at a 1700 year old Cistern with Monolink. During Summer we had another showcase in Barcelona with Hraach as well. 2020 has a stacked line up of releases which we can’t wait to share with everyone. And expect many more Reborn showcases in different parts of the world.

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