Guy J Launches Armadillo Records for the Ultimate Experimental Experience

Lauren Krieger

Armadillo Records is ready to bring eclectic electronic music from the industry’s best artists.

Lost & Found label boss and influential DJ/producer Guy J knows what makes a track special. Having spent years on the road and touring with sell out shows across the globe, he has the instinct for tearing the club up with stellar track selection and style. What isn’t revealed in these live shows however, is the other side of electronic music, the tracks that resonate during your every day experiences. Armadillo Records was built to bring these tracks to light. Label partner Scott Dawson (Lost & Found, Bedrock, Intec) explains:

“We all love a club anthem, but that’s not necessarily what you want to hear 24/7, it’s nice to have something you can listen to when you’re entertaining or traveling. This is a showcase for eclectic, downtempo tunes that you can listen to over and over again.”

Armadillo was also created as a chance for some of dance music’s most loved studio wizards to explore the colors of electronica, producing tracks that reflect different aspects of their personality and musical vision. It is a space where their “other side” can take center stage. Releasing non-four-to-the-floor electronica that captures the many facets of talented producers including Robert Babicz, Sahar Z, Guy Mantzur and Stelios Vassiloudis, Armadillo will be opening the opportunity for artists to spread their deep and diverse sounds to a wide global audience.

“Armadillo gives producers total freedom,” says Guy. “There are no limits” — just unbridled creative authenticity from some of the most talented stars in the electronic firmament.”

I really love this concept; electronic music is not just for the club, but many labels will release only what they know DJs will want to play out. I can’t wait to hear what some of the industry’s best artists will produce when they’re given the opportunity from these two experienced and professional label bosses to share their experimental music with the rest of the world. I caught up with Guy J to go a little deeper:


Was there a particular catalyst for the creation of Armadillo Records?

I made 3 Albums on Bedrock and every album had one CD that is the “traditional” club tracks and one CD that was downtempo. And much as I enjoy doing both, the downtempo part was more fun and experimental in the studio, there are no boundaries to it. It’s like meditation in the studio, you just play around in the studio and try different techniques, so I think everyone can show a different side of them, and Armadillo can be a great place to do it.

What are your goals & expectations for the label?

I’m expecting it to be a channel for producers from our scene to showcase their passion to music in general, or let them experience with electronic instruments that they use.

There is no limit to what you can do when producing with computer and synthesizer so why not to push the limit and not try to build a club structure track?

How does your approach for Armadillo Records compare to that of Lost & Found?

With Armadillo I’m hoping for a much more wider range of producers then with Lost & Found. I truly believe that making a good club track is much more challenging then making ambient or lower BPM stuff. With Armadillo it can be from a Techno Producer, Tech House, Deep House, maybe EDM? Maybe D&B Producer? There is no limit as long as its not “House Music” or EDM 🙂

Guy J Creative + Nest show with Hernan C 024-Edit(sm)Launching March 2017! As an avenue for producers to share their experimental and creative tracks, and as a destination for DJs and listeners to discover sounds that “infiltrate the consciousness and synchronize with the soul,” Armadillo Records will surely become an imprint unlike any other.

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