Alex O’Rion Gets Amplified on FRISKY

Lauren Krieger

When that rolling rhythm infused with synthetic melodies creates ever flowing waves that build and breakdown along the way, the purpose and power of Progressive is put on display. This is what Alex O’Rion does with his music, sharing those aspects of drive and flow that characterize the best of Underground sounds. While he says he’s “hopeless at describing my own sound”, I say that means he captures the essence of what it’s all about. Not restricted by labels, but rather open to interpretation and experimentation, Alex O’Rion aims only to create music that represents something special. And as one of the top selling Progressive producers on Beatport, it’s obvious that what he has created is something special for others too.

With tracks released on labels like ICONYC, Mango Alley and more, Alex also released 11 tracks on Sudbeat in 2018 – reaching the Beatport Top 100 with every track (and 3 in the Top 10). While he says the label might not fit his style exactly (“I just think they really liked it and they felt like doing something a little different for this time. Either way I am glad they did.”) his music translated to the label’s audience and received support from DJs like Quivver, Guy J, Cid Inc, Nick Warren, Eelke Kleijn, and of course Hernan Cattaneo himself.

2019 will see the release of more tracks on Sudbeat and other labels, which you can get a sneak peek of (along with other special selections) on his new FRISKY show Amplified – premiering March 6th @ 11AM EST [convert timezone] and available to stream on-demand anytime after with FRISKY Premium. As he says he takes his DJ Mixes “very seriously”, we can expect Alex O’Rion to give listeners that timeless feeling which has kept the energy of the Underground going strong for so many years. [Can’t wait to listen? Check out his guest mix for Rich Curtis’ Resolutions now]

Go behind the scenes with Alex O’Rion before the launch:

First I’d like to say welcome to the FRISKY family, I’m very excited to have you on board! I’d love to start by learning a little about your background – what were some of the experiences that first brought you into electronic music? Was there a seminal track or album that you had on repeat from the beginning?

I’ve always been a sucker for the Global Underground series. Those CD’s were pretty much on repeat all day long. Even during class I tried to sneakily listen to them.

What was your first DJ gig like?

My very first was pretty much during that same period, I was about 16 years old and I closed the night at a local NYE party. Pretty sure I had my set scheduled. I even played Sasha ‘Xpander’ there. Yeah, good times!

Did you start producing tracks around the same time?

I started producing tracks at around the same time, yes. I first started playing with Rebirth (Propellerheads) and after that Reason. From that moment I really got hooked and would finish songs every month or so. They’re probably somewhere on an old hard disk. At least, I hope they still are!

Was there a moment when you knew that this was what you wanted to do for the rest of your life?

Not a specific moment, but when I just started making music I knew this was what I wanted.

I must admit I’m a total sucker for your style – the melodic, emotional, driving progressive house sound hits me in just the right way. Has this always been a style that you have felt a connection to? Is it possible to explain what it is that makes it “your” sound?

Thanks and yes, I think so. It’s just something I like in my music, and also when I’m DJing. I must admit I’m hopeless at describing my own sound? Nah, just have a listen for yourself.

Do you think your personality or personal philosophy is reflected in your music? If so, in what way?

I’m a pretty sensitive guy, so yeah, hahaha!

What matters most to you in the music you share or create?

To reach people you know. I just always hope people feel the same as I do when I’m working on a track. It’s just such a cool feeling you have in studio sometimes, when you hit the right spot. You just want to share that with as many people as possible.

Is there a particular emotion or feeling that you most often experience when you are creating music?

Not really when I’m working on it, it’s more interesting to see how much it influences my daily mood. I can be super cranky if I can’t get my track to go in the direction I want it to. But then when I hit the right notes the day after I’m all of a sudden super happy. With all these highs and lows it must be pretty tiring to live with me. 😀

What do you most hope those who listen experience?

Well, I take my DJ mixes very (!!!) seriously. I really only want to select tracks that really do something for me. They have to be special. I hope people can appreciate that.

If you could tell an aspiring producer only one thing that would help them in their music production (or perhaps go back in time and tell this to yourself) what would it be?

Your music itself is the most important thing, so don’t focus too much on social media. I know it’s fun, but it’s usually just a waste of time. Time you should have spent in your DAW.  Also try to find producer friends who can give you honest feedback. It’s almost impossible to really be objective to your own sound.

Could you share with us more about your show Amplified? What are your goals with the show?

To give people a flavour of what sort of music I like, what influences me and to maybe showcase some new music I’m working on…we will see!

Catch the premiere on March 6th @ 11AM EST [convert timezone] or listen anytime / anywhere after with a FRISKY Premium Subscription & FRISKY Mobile Apps.