Adnan Jakubovic Brings Big Bells to FRISKY

Lauren Krieger

Bosnian producer and DJ Adnan Jakubovic has been creating quite a presence in the progressive scene. With over 100 releases on labels such as Bonzai Progressive, Suffused Music, DAR Digital, Mistique Music, MNL, OLD SQL Recordings, Mystic Carousel Records, Balkan Connection and many others, Adnan’s music has been heard on the decks of the industry’s biggest DJs. Continuously seeking what is deep and distinctive within the music that he loves, Adnan also shares his inspiration through his own DJ sets, with his Big Bells mix series earning him fans around the world. He has also been heard many times on FRISKY with three guest mixes in 2018 alone, on Metropolis, Suffused Diary, and as Artist of the Week.

Now he will be bringing Big Bells to FRISKY, showcasing the freshest tracks from himself and the best underground artists from around the world.

Tune into the premiere on August 7th at 11AM EST [convert timezone] & listen on-demand anytime after with FRISKY Premium.

Get ready by getting to know Adnan Jakubovic:

How did you first get into producing electronic music?

My first production steps were in 2010, then I started “playing with-exploring with” FL Studio. A few years before, I was only passively watching my best friend produce music on FL Studio and finally I started doing it by myself. Everything I learned in that time was over Youtube video tutorials and some advice from my friend… and here I am now eight years later with over 100 different releases world wide.

Who were some of your early inspirations & influences?

When I was just 12 years I was inspired with The Prodigy, Propellerheads, Chemical Brothers and later Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, BT. I first started with raving in that time I was listening to Goa Trance, Psytrance and some Hard Techno. As I was growing older I started to listening some mode deep and progressive vibes of Trance and House. I remember Atmos, Antix, Tegma, Sasha, BT was giving me the best feelings and still they are.

From that moment I knew I have progressive and deep in my mind and my body.

How is the current Underground scene in Bosnia?

I was born and raised in Bosnia and till last year it was my home, but now I am living in Stuttgart, Germany. I was active in the Bosnia Underground scene for almost 15 years, from early days as raver and later as Producer and DJ. I saw many upside downs in the scene, so many hard times for producers, DJs and promoters. There were years when we had great events and years with nothing special. I think the Bosnian scene just need good, financially strong and independent, 2 or 3 promoters and things will move in positive way. For example, my friends from Stereo Sector are on a good way to becoming big promoters. Now things are on some rising level and I think in the future they will get even better.

To you, what is the best thing about being a part of the Underground electronic music industry & community?

I never imagined I would meet so many great people, so talented, hardworking and some very kind “big” and “small” names in this industry. My music is traveling all around the world, I meet people almost everyday on Social Media with kind words of support. I think all this made me as well better person, also changed my views on the world and how we are should live and stay connected together in many many ways.

What currently motivates & inspires you most in the studio?

My inspiration was always, and still is, people who like my music and who always ask me if I made something new, when new releases are coming etc.

What are some of your key go-to instruments or pieces of gear?

My studio is not so big, I don’t own some big expensive gear but there is a lot Instruments and VSTs in my Laptop. Now my main gear are headphones Sony MDR 7506 and A&H K2 controller. My main instruments are Poizone and Polysix.

Do you have a track of yours that is most special to you?

I don’t know, I made a lot of tracks in past, but maybe the most emotional for me are Robot’s Dream, Afraid of Happiness and The Lizard King. My favourite remixes are Dr. Avalance – Subdreams, Mahmut Orhan – There Is No End and Marc De Koning – Signature.

Is there a certain feeling or message which you try to share through each of your productions?

I don’t produce music by rules, I am not trying to have always same type of groove or typical bass line. I try to give my best but still not to be hard on myself… Keep working and don’t think how in the end the track should sound.

Is there anything in the pipeline you can share with us?

Now I am working on 3 or 4 remixes and also on 2 originals. In August I will play in Bosnia with Coyu and Ramiro Lopez, also this year again I am coming to Amsterdam Dance Event and maybe two more events in Germany. For the end of the year or next year I will try make Asia or North America tour, still nothing official, but we will try making something with my agencies UpNorth and Movement Booking.

What is the origin of the Big Bells name, and what can we expect to hear with your show?

I was always amazed with bells in Japanese culture, maybe that’s why I put the name Big Bells many years ago. All my podcasts are 95% made by promos, and when I pick promos I try to play all fresh tunes and underground stuff. I am always trying to push my set from Deep and Electronic tunes to Progressive or Melodic Techno at the end, so for sure listeners will always have fresh tunes in my Big Bells.

Big Bells premieres August 7th at 11AM EST [convert timezone]. Listen live or on-demand anytime after with FRISKY Premium & on our FRISKY Apps:

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