Ablekid’s Waveforms Flows into FRISKY

Lauren Krieger

Waveforms features Ablekid’s fresh and ever evolving Progressive sound, developed over decades.

Since diving deep into the epic Orlando Underground scene of the 90’s, Ablekid has been driven by a dedicated love for dance music that continues today. Inspired by the Aahz parties where he witnessed future legends like Sasha & John Digweed as well as weekly residents such as Kimball Collins, Dave Cannalte, Chris Fortier, Jimmy Van M and more, Ablekid pursued DJing & producing with a great passion.

As the host of a weekly radio show and playing alongside Florida’s legends in the early 2000s, Ablekid gained a reputation for his smooth and soulful progressive house, a sound that he carried with him as he relocated to the musical hotbed of Austin, Texas and continued to share his music around the world. His refined productions can also be heard on Praveen Achary’s Juicebox Music, along with Christian Lang’s Kindred Recordings (Paris) and Rapid Fire Records (Miami).

Featured as a guest on Cirque Noir, Juicebox, and FRISKY’s Artist of the Week, Ablekid is now bringing his show Waveforms to FRISKY full time, with the premiere launching July 23rd @ 10AM EST [convert timezone]. Listen LIVE or ON-DEMAND anytime after with FRISKY Premium.

I was happy to connect with Ablekid before the premiere, to learn more about his background & what to expect with Waveforms:

What is your electronic music origin story?

Hi Lauren, thanks so much for having me. My intro into electronic music started early with Depeche Mode, Nitzer Ebb & New Order around 1986. After that I started going to teen night clubs in high school, clubs like Brassy’s in Cocoa Beach and Visage in Orlando. Later on in 1990 I snagged a fake ID and started attending the weekly “Aahz” parties thrown by Kimball Collins, Dave Cannalte and Chris Fortier and never looked back.

What are your favorite memories from behind the decks and on the dance floor?

Certainly my greatest club nights on the dance floor were in the early 90’s during the Aahz days. As far as the unity and everybody’s love for the music goes, I’ve yet to experience anything like it. My time spent in Orlando in the mid-2000’s spinning vinyl at Club Volume and others cemented my love for the art of djing.

Do you have a sound or style that you resonate most with?

If it has a chunky vibe or I can groove out to it, I’ll play it. Melodies are nice but I need a base groove to vibe to when listening/djing.

What inspires you creatively these days?

I’m finding a lot of inspiration in this new wave of producers lately. Guys like Li-Polymer, Navar and Stas Drive are among some of my current favorites for finding inspiration creatively. They push me to be more creative I think.

Do you have any upcoming tracks or projects that you’re currently working on?

I am currently working on an album of maybe 8-10 tracks that I’ve started since changing my set up from VST to hardware synths. Learning how to write this way has been a challenge for me but I’m starting to see the fruits of the time I’ve put in thus far. It’s a work in progress still.

I know from seeing your pics that you’ve got a sweet studio setup, can you share some of your favorite gear that you like to work & play with?

Thank you, yes the heart of the setup is the DSI Prophet-6 and Moog Sub 37. The Waldorf Blofeld is also a very nice synth and is very versatile for almost every element of a track.

What are your top 3 all time favorite tracks?

1. Morgan King – I Am Free (The Full-Length La Serenna Mix)

2. Rabbit In The Moon – O.B.E.

3. Electra – Autumn Love

Excellent choices! 😉 Is there anything else you’d like to share with us about Waveforms?

Yes, Waveforms is happy to be at FRISKY! The show will be an expressive example of my love for this music and will not stick to any type of formula or sound for that matter. My tastes take me in different directions rather often and this will be easily recognized by anyone following the show’s progress. Thanks again for the wonderful opportunity of hosting Waveforms here on FRISKY 🙂

Premiering on FRISKY on July 23rd @ 10AM EST [convert timezone] you can listen LIVE or ON-DEMAND anytime after with FRISKY Premium & on FRISKY Mobile Apps.